Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes

 An irritated or itchy eye is a very common dilemma. The problem aggrevates in a high-polluted place or throughout allergy season.

Natural Remedies for Itchy Eyes

Itchy eyes is a disagreeable itchy feeling in and around the eyes. The problem can be repeating for those who often times touch or rub their eyes.

For fast relief, you can attempt some natural treatments. A lot of these remedies use promptly available ingredients in your kitchen.

In case the problem is worse or caused by an underlying medical condition then consult your eye care professional. Health experts advise checking out the cause of itchy eyes before researching for the solution.

Here is the top 10 natural remedies for your itchy eyes.

1. Cold Compress

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Cold Compress

Putting cold compresses around the afflicted eye area can assist in getting instant relief. The easiest way to do this is to douse a cloth in ice cold water and put it over your eyes. Do this many times a day.
Chamomile tea bags are used as cold compresses which can also ease itching eyes.
  1. Put the used chamomile tea bags inside the refrigerator for half an hour.
  2. Then place the chilled tea bags over the affected eye(s) for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Repeat three to four times a day for quick recovery. You can also use ice for mucous cystblood blistersfoot tendonitisblack eye, and pimples.

2. Cucumber

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Cucumber

Cucumbers have anti-irritation properties that help in reducing inflammation, puffiness, swelling and irritation contributing to itchy eyes.
  1. Completely wash a cucumber and slice it into thin pieces. Refrigerate the slices for 15 to 20 minutes, and then place them over your eyes for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Do the process 4 to 5 times a day. You can also use cucumber for blood blisters, peeling fingertipstanned skin, pimples, dark underarms, dark circle and puffy eyes.

3. Cold Milk

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Cold Milk

Milk too is one of the great home remedies for itchy eyes.
  1. Pat a cotton ball in cold milk and rub it all around the eyes. You can also put a cotton ball drenched in milk on the eyes as a compress for a quick cooling effect.
  2. Repeat this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. You can also use milk for dark underarmspeeling fingertipscommon coldheartburntanned skinboils and abscesses.

4. Rosewater

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Rosewater

Pure rosewater is probable one of the most efficient home remedies for itchy eyes. It has a soothing and cooling effect for the eyes and assists in clearing them. It can also be applied in a couple of ways.
  1. Rinse your eyes with rosewater at least twice a day. You can also use rosewater as eye drops for instant relief.
  2. Put three drops of rosewater into the inflamed eye. You can also use rose water for dark circlecracked heels and itchy eyes.

5. Water and Salt

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Water and Salt

Water and salt are readily available and great in remedying painful and itchy eyes. When applied as an eye rinse, the mixture is good for irritated and inflamed eyes and aids in washing away the clutter amassed in the eyes. Also, salt as an antibacterial agent eliminates bacteria.
  1. Make a natural eye wash by mixing a cup of distilled water with one teaspoon of salt. Boil the solution until the salt dissolves completely.
  2. Allow the solution to cool and then use it to flush the eyes.
  3. Repeat several times a day for two to three days. You can also use salt for ear infectionpuffy eyes and mucous cyst

6. Green Tea

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of health advantages which includes offering relief from itchy eyes. It comforts the eyes and contains anti-inflammatory benefits.
  1. Create an eye wash by boiling two green tea bags in one cup of distilled water. Permit it to cool off entirely.
  2. Flush the eyes two times a day using the solution until your symptoms are gone.

7. Aloe Vera

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Aloe Vera

Because of its soothing and moisturising effects, aloe vera is another effectual home remedy for dry, sore, and itchy eyes.
  1. Blend aloe vera gel extracted from aloe leaves with one teaspoon of honey and one-half cup of elderberry blossom tea. Rinse off your eyes with the solution at least two times a day until the problem is gone.
  2. Or, you can simply employ aloe vera juice as an eyewash. You can also use aloe vera for chest acneblood blisterspeeling fingertipsbrown spot on skinhair lossdiabetesmucous cysttanned skin, and puffy eyes.

8. Potato

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Potato

Raw potatoes can bring quick relief from itchy eyes due to their astringent properties. Thus, they help relieve redness and inflammation.
  1. Slice a raw potato into thin pieces and put them in the refrigerator for several minutes.
  2. Then, put the chilled slices over your eyes for approx. 20 minutes.
  3. Do this every day for two or three days, at night or just before sleeping. You can also use potato for dark circle, black eye, dark underarms, puffy eyes and tanned skin 

9. Fenugreek

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Fenugreek

Fenugreek can also contribute relief from itching eyes.
  1. dowse fenugreek seeds in water for approx. eight hours and then create a smooth paste from them.
  2. Put the paste over your eyes and leave it for twenty minutes. Then you can wash the paste off using cold water.
  3. Repeat this twice everyday for great results. You can also use fenugreek for vaginal odor, dandruff, hair losshigh blood pressure, diarrhea and diabetes.

10. Vegetable Juices

Home Remedies for Itchy Eyes: Vegetable Juices

Juice coming from raw vegetables, especially carrots and spinach, can be of great assistance to remedy itchy eyes. These juices is used separately or combined together. Simply drink the fresh juice two times daily until you have some relief.

These natural treatments for itchy eyes are very effectual and does not come with side effects. But if you don’t get respite from the itchiness, consult an eye specialist.