Home Remedies For Tanned Skin

Opposed to Western countries where almost everyone is fond of a tanned skin, folks in Eastern countries (India, China, Korea, etc.) Don't prefer this look. They regard it ugly and unattractive. So, in the summer, a lot of people gets issues about sun tanned skin.

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin

The sun’s ultraviolet rays step-up development of melanin inside the body, that results in sun tanned skin. After getting a sun tan, it's not simple to get your skin back to a normal state but with patience and then attention it can be done.

Rather than spending money on high-priced cosmetics, you could try out some natural remedies. There are several simple natural treatments which can lighten up a sun tan and then get back a lighter complexion.

1. Lemon Juice

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Lemon Juice

Lemon is good for healing sun tanned skin because of its natural bleaching features.
You could simply put on some fresh lemon juice on the involved skin area and permit it to dry out prior to washing the area with water. 
You could also add together some sugar to lemon juice and use them on the skin. Sugar is an good cleanser. Repeat this 2 or 3x a week for swift results. You can also use lemons for chest acnedark circle, high blood pressurevaginal odordark underarmsgasdandruffbrown spot on skincracked heels and pimples.

2. Yogurt

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Yogurt

Yogurt is really powerful in minimising a sun tan as it cools down the skin as well as cuts down redness and tightens the pores.
  1. Take a cup of simple yogurt and then add together the juice of 1 cucumber and 1 tomato.
  2. Next, add up half a cup of gram flour (besan).
  3. Use them upon your face and then the neck.
  4. Try and leave it on for about 30-45 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.
Additionally, simply use a few fresh yogurt along your skin every day prior to taking a bath. For nice results, add together tomato juice and lime juice to the yogurt. You can also use yogurt for diarrhea.

3. Aloe Vera

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel should lighten up the skin inside a week, if used regularly to the involved area. It also aids to clean and nurture the skin.
  1. Use fresh aloe vera gel along the involved skin areas prior to going to bed.
  2. When the morning comes, thoroughly wash the skin. You can also use aloe vera for chest acneblood blisterspeeling fingertipsbrown spot on skinhair lossdiabetesitchy eyesmucous cystheartburn and puffy eyes.

4. Potato

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Potato

Raw potato constitutes an awesome treatment for sun tanned skin. Amazingly, it's high in vitamin c and hence, acts as natural bleach. It also aids to soothe sunburn.
  1. Peel the skin off 2 to 3 medium-sized potatoes, split them into chunks and then put them inside a blender to create a paste.
  2. Use the paste freely everywhere the involved skin area. Have it dry for approximately half-hour then wash them off with cold water.
For best results, you can mix in some lemon juice to the potato paste prior to using it.You can also use potato for dark circleblack eyedark underarmspuffy eyes and common cold

5. Gram Flour

Gram flour is really helpful in addressing a sun tan as it aids to get rid of dead skin cells and leaves your skin brilliant and young. You can utilise the gram flour powder acquirable in market or create a paste of whole green gram.
  1. Combine the gram flour in water and then massage it everywhere along the involved skin area.
  2. Wait 20 minutes prior to washing it off with water.
  3. Repeat this 2x a week for a couple of months.
For best results, use rose water instead of plain water. You can also mix some lime juice and yogurt into the paste. You can also use gram flour for dark underarms.

6. Cucumber

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Cucumber

Cucumber juice also assists to bring down a sun tan. Cucumbers give a cooling effect which comforts the skin and assists to do away with a suntan. The vitamin C in cucumbers also should aid to maintain the skin well moisturized. You can also use cucumber for blood blisterspeeling fingertipsitchy eyespimplesdark underarmsdark circle and puffy eyes.

7. Milk

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Milk

Milk or milk cream could also be applied for dealing with sun tanned skin.
  1. Place a tiny quantity of milk in a bowl and mix a pinch of turmeric and then a few lemon juice. Use this mixture on the involved areas and allow for it to dry thoroughly. You can then wash it off using water. This should give you an quick respite from a sun tan.
  2. You could also soak a hint of saffron in fresh milk cream all night. When the morning comes, stir them well and use it on the involved skin areas. This should lighten your complexion then have your skin glowing. You can also use milk for dark underarmspeeling fingertipsitchy eyesheartburncommon coldboils and abscesses.

8. Sandalwood

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Sandalwood

Sandalwood constitutes a popular ingredient in a lot of beauty products. It can also be applied for getting rid of a sun tan because of its skin whitening and anti-aging properties. So, it cleans your skin then assists you to sustain a glowing complexion.

Add equal quantities of sandalwood powder and then pure turmeric powder. Add together some rose water to create a thick paste. Use this paste along the involved areas and leave it on for half-hour or until it dries. Wash them off with cold water. repeat this 2x per week.
You could also combine sandalwood powder with coconut oil and almond oil to create a paste to use on the involved areas. You can also use sandalwood for dark underarms.

9. Almond

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Almond

A paste created using almonds will clean, scrub and lighten up your skin tone.
  1. Soak 5 to 6 almonds in water all night. In the break of the day,mix the almonds with some milk to produce a paste.
  2. Prior to bed, use this paste along the involved areas and leave it on all night. In the sunup, wash them using cold water.
  3. Do this daily for the first 15 days and then repeat it twice a week. You can also use almonds for heartburn.

10. Oatmeal Powder

Home Remedies For Tanned Skin: Oatmeal Powder

Oatmeal contains skin-soothing characteristics and also acts as a fantastic exfoliant to clean the pores. Hence, oatmeal powder could be utilised in a few ways to cut down a sun tan.
  1. Ready a mix of oatmeal powder with buttermilk. Rub them onto the tanned areas. The oats should assist to exfoliate the skin, and then the buttermilk should soothe the skin.
  2. You could also create a paste using oatmeal powder, ground almonds, ground dried orange peel and milk. Use the paste on the involved areas and then leave it on for 30 minutes.and then wash it using cold water.
  3. You could apply these treatments to help bring down sun tanned skin. Make sure to also to cover your skin from sun exposure.
  4. Blend 2 tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice with 1 tablespoon of lime juice. Mix a pinch of turmeric to it. Mix them well and then use them on the affected skin. Leave it for half-hour then wash it using water.
  5. You can also rub freshly sliced pieces of cucumber along your skin.