10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

Vaseline is a widely known beauty care product that you'll be able to find in a lot of homes.

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

This more than a hundred years’ old petroleum jelly-based product is awesome for several beauty applications. It's a solution of mineral oils and natural waxes. Whether you're addressing chapped lips, dark lips, dry hands, uncontrolled eyebrows, or cracked heels, vaseline makes up the first item that springs to mind.

It also has been exploited as among the most effective makeup removers. Because of its softening and moisturizing contents, vaseline has been a favourite for a multitude of beauty and cosmetic applications for decades.

But aside from beauty care, vaseline has a number of other applicable uses that can oblige you to have a jar of it in every room of the house to assist get rid of stains, protect valuables, prevent squeaks and much more.

Here are the 10 uncommon uses for vaseline that you’ve possibly never considered.

1. Prevents Messy Manicures

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

Manicures are costly when performed at a salon, hence doing it yourself in the comfort of your home is getting famous. A monthly manicure aids to maintain your hands and nails healthy and beautiful.

But once done inside your home, manicures can be untidy, as it gets harder to prevent the nail polish from running down onto your cuticles. Such manicures don't render a professional look and you get sad after everything.

Well, the following time you sit down to perform a manicure, have a jar of vaseline ready. Petroleum jelly can help to make your manicures appear more professional by preventing the nail polish from tarnishing your skin.
  1. Dab some vaseline onto the base of your nails and the sides.
  2. Now, use your favorite shade of nail polish.
  3. Have the polish dry completely.
  4. When done, wipe away the petroleum jelly and the untidy nail polish by using a wet tissue.

2. Lengthens The Life Of Perfume

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

Prior to getting out of the house, a lot of of us get the habit of spraying perfume on our pulse points. But afterwards a couple of hours, the fragrance could lessen to the point where even you can't smell it.

To get your perfume scent lasting longer, try vaseline. Because vaseline helps in maintaining the skin moisturized, the fragrance should last longer than normal.
  1. Rub a bit of vaseline on your pulse points, like your wrists, neck, cleavage, in the back of the ears, armpits etc..
  2. Spray your favorite perfume along the pulse points.
  3. Keep off from rubbing the areas, because it can alter the way your perfume smells because of friction.

3. Protects Skin From Hair Dye

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

Hair dye is for your hair, never to your skin. But regardless how cautiously you use it on your hair, it oftentimes begins oozing onto the forehead and neckline.

You can employ vaseline to stop hair dye from spotting your skin. It forms an effective barrier between the hair dye and the skin.
  1. Gently tap vaseline all around your hairline as well as the back of your neck.
  2. Begin using the dye on your hair. The dye won't dribble down onto your skin.
  3. Later on after you've washed your hair, you should observe not a single spot of dye on your skin.

4. Gets Rid Of Makeup Stains

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

A lot of times when applying face makeup, we wind up tarnishing our clothes or washcloths. Mascara and lipstick smears on clothes look truly bad.

To remove these makeup stains, your jar of vaseline is everything that you require.
  1. Apply some vaseline on the smeared region of the piece of clothing or fabric.
  2. Await 10 minutes, then utilize a paper towel to slowly blot the stain off.
  3. In the end, wash away the item as usual and the stains should have gone away for good.
Petroleum jelly also acts as a great makeup remover. Place a bit on a cotton washcloth and clean your face. All your makeup should come off easy.

5. Regenerates Shine For Leather Items

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

Leather items similar to bags, shoes or gloves appear posh, and it's costly too. But these pricy items require tons of care and attention, or else they're begin losing their shine and softness.

With no shine, leather items lose their stylish look and charm. In order to recover it, there's no need to invest in high-priced commercial leather polishes around in the market.

Your small jar of vaseline could with efficiency do the work of repairing shine or softness.
  1. Apply some vaseline to the leather item.
  2. Wipe away the excess by using a soft muslin cloth, and your leather item should appear new once again.

6. Prevent Ants Getting To Your Pet’s Food

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

The food you place in your pet’s dish frequently becomes a big target for ants. When ants begin tarrying around the food, there's no other alternative but get rid of it.

Getting rid of your pet’s food regularly isn't a reasonable answer. You're required to dissuade ants from reaching your pet’s food using the assistance of vaseline.

Merely disperse some jelly around your pet’s dish, the whole way to the bottom edge. The ants should get discouraged by the lubricious barrier made by the petroleum jelly. It will also facilitate to interrupt the ants’ scent trail.

Besides ants, you can also hold back squirrels from the bird feeder by using vaseline. Apply some jelly to the pole of your bird feeder, so that once squirrels endeavour to ascend through it, they'll harmlessly skid off.


7. Quietens Squeaky Doors

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

There can be nothing more annoying compared to a squeaky door or window, particularly during nighttime or when you're attempting to be quiet.

To do away with the squeaky noise originating from your doors and windows, the best answer is your favorite vaseline which acts as an awesome lubricant.

Distribute some vaseline along the hinges of noisy doors to keep them from squeaking. You can even use a few to the window sash channel and cabinet door runners with a tiny paintbrush.

Apart from stopping squeaky doors, you can use vaseline to have shower curtains slide a lot easier. Just lubricate the curtain rod by using petroleum jelly and you can whisk the curtain across the shower with ease.

8. Gets Rid Of Chewing Gum From Surfaces And Hair

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

Whether you’ve have chewing gum adhered in your hair or on your furniture, it's an irritating problem that nobody would like to* experience. The succeeding time you're in such a situation, think of vaseline.

Because of its greasy nature, vaseline functions as the perfect answer for getting rid of chewing gum from hair or your wooden furniture.

To dispatch chewing gum from a wooden surface, use some petroleum jelly on the offensive wad, rub it in softly till the gum begins to disintegrate, afterwards get rid of it.

To get rid of chewing gum from hair, use a tiny amount of vaseline into the hair and rub softly till the gum slides off from the hair strands.


9. Masks Doorknobs From Paint

Painting your room is an entertaining task, but dispatching or putting tape on every metal fixtures such as doorknobs to cover them from paint stains takes a long time.

To stop metal fixtures and specific areas of a room from being besmirched with paint, you can use vaseline. Once rubbed on the metal, vaseline will keep the paint from adhering.

Smear an ample amount of petroleum jelly upon door hinges, glass windows, knobs, edges and more.
Once you’re finished painting, just wipe away the jelly using a dishcloth and the unwanted paint should be gone.

10. Prevents Shampoo Tears

10 Uncommon Uses For Vaseline That You’ve Probably Didn't Thought Of

When you think of shampooing your child’s hair, the thing that comes to mind is the shampoo tears.
Well, no need to purchase no-tears shampoo for your child. You can use vaseline to stave off the tears.

Just apply a fair amount of vaseline into your baby’s eyebrows. It works as a protective shield against shampoo running down to his eyes. Your child should delight tin he bath and you'll also never have to experience a crying child.