10 Secrets and Shocking uses of Baby Powder

Baby powder is a very powerful self-grooming tool for everyone; it has properties of hygienic enhancement for a fresher and less oiliness of the face.

10 Secrets and Shocking uses of Baby Powder

You should always have a baby powder at home, or anywhere you go. But in a case of allergic reaction, you should stop using it, don't worry it depends on the sensitivity of your skin, so it is very safe for your skin. Here are ten useful acts to be perform using the Powder:

1. It Keeps Away Disgusting Ants, Or We Can Say It Can Be Used As A Repellent.

 Do ants disturb you a lot? It is suggested to sprinkle baby powder around windows and doors to create a barrier that ants will not come across.

2. Use Baby Powder As Deodorant

It can be used as a deodorant under any circumstances. The powder absorbs the sweat and odor because it has moisturizing properties.

3. It Can Be Used As Dry Shampoo

It is recommended to have a mixture of 1/4 cup of baby powder and 1/4 cup baking soda to cleanse the greasy hair. Massage your hair by the use of the powder and let it soak in for a few minutes. -POPSUGAR

4. Jewelry De-Tangler

Few things are as frustrating as untangling jewelry. Luckily, Life As Mama has the hack you need. Simply sprinkle baby powder on the knot to make it easier to loosen and untangle.

5. Sand Remover

A day at the beach is only fun while at the beach. Prevent the beach from coming home with you by sprinkling baby powder on your feet and other sandy spots. Life As Mama says when you brush off again, the sand will fall off together with the baby powder.

6. Summer Sheets Coolant

This summer, Life As Mama says to sprinkle your sheets with baby powder to keep them fresh through the night. This trick also helps absorb sweat, so you don't wake up drenched.

7. Playing Cards Freshener

Sometimes playing cards can look and feel horribly dingy. Follow the advice of Fabulessly Frugal and stick them in a plastic bag with baby powder. Shake and remove. You'll be surprised to find the cards are smooth to the touch.

8. Rubber Glove Lubricant

To make putting on rubber gloves easier, sprinkle your hands with baby powder, as suggested by Fabulessly Frugal.

9. Flower Protectant. 

Gardeners should know this hack from Tips Bulletin. Sprinkle baby powder onto bulbs and roots of flowers before planting them. This will prevent the flowers from rotting. It also works as an effective all-natural pesticide.

10. Grease Stain Remover

Whenever you are removing stains caused by grease, you can sprinkle the baby powder on the area wherein grease is spotted and then rubbing it with cotton.