3 Serious Reasons Why You Need to Stop Using Your Smartphone at Night!

Though the years, technological development is rapidly increasing and the outcome of this discovery is accepted by many people who are also known as "Techy" individuals and somehow called as the netizens.

3 Serious Reasons Why You Need to Stop Using Your Smartphone at Night!

People are excessively influenced by new technological outlets that help random people through social development, a source of information, and even one of the source of income for many people working through online jobs.

Individuals involved in new technology or a new way of living, are most likely always having their own smartphone, using it every day, before going to bed and after waking up.

They are always excited to check regarding latest news and updates through social media accounts, online games, emails, movies, and their online work.

As a result, researchers gather to conduct a study regarding harmful and damaging effects of using smartphones to our well-being. As of now, the conclusions of the study breaks the silence of the effects caused by excessive using of the device which gives a negative result.

There is a scientific discovery that could distribute different dangers to people, for example, is radiation, this is a powerful energy that specifically involves smartphones.

Our gadgets have this kind of dangerous element that is produced by radioactive substances; this is alarming to people as it put some extra risk of acquiring health problems. There is an emitting blue light from these devices that causes complications to a different part of your body.

According to scientist: Smartphone is associated to get these following health conditions.

1. Sleep Loss

“Blue light” disrupts the production of melatonin, as mentioned above, and this hormone regulates the sleeping cycle of the body.

If the body lacks sleep, the skewed sleeping cycle will lead to multiple health issues: Weight gain, Depression, Cardiovascular Problems, Lack of Memory Recall, Aged Skin, Slower Response Time, and Eye Damage.

The exposure to “blue light” at night leads to damage to the retina and macular degeneration, which is the loss of central vision, or the ability to see in front of you, as well as cataracts.

2. It can bang the system to raise the risk of having cancer

Using your gadget for long hours at night can make your sleep uncomfortable and disturbing. Thus, it increases the risk of getting cancer. The blue light can deteriorate the hormone which is called melatonin, a powerful antioxidant and resistance against cancer.

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