5 Warning Signs Of A Heart Attack All Women NEED To Know!

Women are more likely to heart attack than all the kinds of cancer and also they have more chance of dying of a heart condition than the men holds.

The statistics reveal a regarding leading number of females who are experiencing from a heart condition, and it is 43.8 million women. This may happen as a shock thou, and it is as we all think that men have a higher chance of dying of a heart attack than women. This opinion may put women to have a higher chance of suffering a heart attack, and no one charges the heart attack as the guilty.

Beyond the report that the indications are quite different for women and men who suffer a heart attack since in men it is very sudden and dramatic, but on the other hand in women – the symptoms are moderate, and in some instances, it can be misinterpreted as mere flu.

So these are the most common symptoms of heart attack in women:

1. Sweating and shortness of Breath

This symptom seems as an odd break out in intense sweating, which is usually misunderstood as a sign of common flu. Hence, observe the symptoms especially if they are getting serious after an exercise or just while you are resting. If you experience pain in the chest, it is surely a warning sign.

2. Nausea or Vomiting

When we encounter vomiting or nausea, we normally think that they are indications of a stomach bug or other sickness. Nausea and vomiting are more common for women as an information symbol of a heart illness.

3. Unusual fatigue

We all seem fatigued from time to time, but if you feel a severe or a sudden fatigue that is not usual it is a symptom of a heart attack. Be alert not to notice this warning, particularly of there are other marks along with it.

4. Pain in other areas besides the chest

Extra illnesses apart from the chest pain can also be a sign of a heart attack. So be wary if you feel discomfort in either arm, back pain or jaw pain.

5. The Problem of Plaque

When the blood stream that fulfills the heart muscle with sufficient oxygen is reduced or is cut off completely, in this illustration is when the heart attack occurs. The idea for this is the accumulated plaque in the arteries that bring the blood to the heart, and the blood flow is lessened. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to prevent a heart attack.

Preventative Measures

1. Exercise

But be cautious not to overdo, since it may have an adverse effect and increase the risk of heart attack, yet on the other hand exercising moderately can be beneficial in reducing the risk of a heart attack in women, as contrasted to those who are not working their body off.

2. Take supplements

In line to increase the arteries, fish oil is very advantageous. Thus, and the blood flow will be regulated. Also, vitamin K hinders calcification – hardening of the arteries; vitamin C limits harm to the arteries, which can cause a heart assault.

3. Lower the Sugar Intake

Taking too much sugar can cause a lot of side-effects on your health, and it also increases triglycerides and reduces the good cholesterol. This also increases your chances of a heart attack.