6 Warning Signs You May Have A Blood Clot

When someone encounters a blood clot around their body, it is really terrifying and horrible condition you may acquire.

6 Warning Signs You May Have A Blood Clot

As the Mayo Clinic pushes the fact that a blood is assumed to clot. So technically, we embodied a discussion in which the body stops the bleeding. It appears that a blood clot is visualized in a form of a scab and bruise. If this emitted or arrive at your open door fresh body you may acquire some diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and other undesired complicated medical problems.

Here are the signs that someone in your system or in your family is suffering in serious dangerous blood clot:

1. Swelling In One Limb.

This is a symptom or sign of a blood clot known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which lacks out blood flow in the circulation system of your body. Deep vein thrombosis is specially designed as a harmful acting agent because it stops oxygen from reaching vital organs.

2. Leg Pain Or |Joint Pain

A simple sign of Deep Vein Thrombosis is a pain in the leg, mentioned by the (NBCA) National Blood Clot Alliance. This is usually thought as pain described as a cramp.

3. Red Streaks On Your Skin

It is necessary for you to remember that bruise is a form of a blood clot but if you see a red line running along the extent of your veins, there is nothing to worry about because it's just normal.

4. Chest Pain With Deep Breathing.

 If you experience these symptoms together, the National Blood Clot Alliance says you may be experiencing a blood clot in the lungs. If you have any of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention, as this blood clot can quickly turn fatal.

5. Inadequately Breathing.

If you have problems taking deep breaths, maybe you have a blood clot in the lungs, says by the Prevention. You may also experience a fluttering in the chest, a racing heart, or dizziness. Any of these symptoms warrants immediate medical attention.

6. An Unexplainable Cough

Whenever you are coughing without knowing where does it come from or unexplainable get it from, then you should pay attention to your heart rate, chest, and breath. If this continue, you should better visit a Doctor

A blood clot is very dangerous to someone if untreated for a long time. So if ever you are wondering about small clots in your skin, head and another part of your body. Don't compromise. Seek for health immediately. It can be fatal, always remember that Prevention is better than cure.