A Famous Russian Doctor Gives Us The Most Effective Remedy For Vision Problems

Human has five major body senses. However, all of this body senses is our existing guideline to perform different acts needed in life.

A Famous Russian Doctor Gives Us The Most Effective Remedy For Vision Problems

The sense of sight is the key for us to see the beauty of God's creation. It enable us to appreciate, criticize and live joyfully. But in the other cases of a typical story, some would embody by some unconstrained Eye problems and conditions.

Our vision allows us to interact with the people and environment that surrounds us. Eyesight is capable of bringing people together due to its ability to saw each other and recognize one another. Therefore we assume that eyesight is the body sense which has many more purpose in our body.

The preparation of this natural home remedy is brought with Aloe vera gel, natural honey, peanuts, and lemon.


1. 550 g of cut nuts
2. 320g of natural honey
3. 100 g of Aloe Vera gel
4. 5 squeezed lemons (lemon juice)

How to Prepare:

First, wash the Aloe Vera leaves and boil them.
Secondly, Cut the aloe veras into thin pieces.
Third, strain the sheets using a medical gauze
Fourth, Keep the Aloe Vera in the refrigerator and wait for 12 days.
Fifth, after 12 days of keeping in a fridge, get the gel of the aloe vera with the rest of the ingredients and leave it again to the refrigerator again.
Lastly, after all the process finish it by putting the finished product into a container or drinking glass.


Drink one glass 30 minutes before every meal.

Note: It is recommended to consult a medical specialist before you decide to take medicine and avoid damage to your organism!