Are You Ready For The April Pink Full Moon?

If you ever wonder why there is a Pink full moon? Then you came to the right browsing site to know more about this strange phenomena.

Are You Ready For The April Pink Full Moon?

This coming April 11, 2017, you will witness the appearance of Pink Moon and be informed about the folklores, facts and unusual happening of this event can offer.

If you are Sky Enthusiast or Observant, this is the best gift for you this coming 11th of April because Pink Full moon is appearing in some diverse places and countries.

These are the following best days for different activities based on the Moon's phase this month of April:

For Planting:

Above the ground, crops are best for the day of 3, 4, 30 of April.
Below the ground crops are best for the day of 12, 13, 22 and 23 of April.

For Setting Eggs: Dates like 9, 10, 18, 19.

For Fishing: 1 to 11 and 26 to 30

This coming lunar treat, there are some random questions thrown by some anonymous.

Here are some questions:

1. Why is it called the pink full moon? Is this some sort of blood reference?

No, it isn't. Every type of full moon has its own appearance, a particular weather it will show up, and most probably it has different names according to various native calendars.

2. Does this only mean that the moon is a feminine?

It always depends on traditions and beliefs of people's society, groups, religions, and other people belonging to certain concern group of sky watching organization. For German and Sanskrit, they consider it as Masculine, while in French, for instance, it's a Feminine. But for English people, they decide it on their own.

3. Will this full moon change all the wrong in my life?

Aspects of life depend on someone who trains him/herself to be a better person, so definitely, this coming Pink full moon will not affect your destiny nor against to you because you are the one who makes your own control inside of you.

The full moon is a wonderful creation; it gives us permission to see the world through the reflection of the sky in which it shows that life is infinite, it has no boundary it always continues and so on and so for. There is always a new start, a new beginning just like the shift of full moon to new moon, for us to realize that it is not always a bad day, life has a purpose, life is wonderful. Hope you learn something new, Good day beautiful creation of God!