Here’s How To Eliminate Cockroaches Permanently From Your Home

If there are any chances for you to get rid of these disgusting mosquito insects, why not grab it now? Yes, there are possible ways on how to terminate this kind of creatures which can give bacterias and germs in your home.

Here’s How To Eliminate Cockroaches Permanently From Your Home

You can find this killing product through taking a walk to the market and seek for the insect stocks. But did you know that using or spraying this product at home can bring harm to your family?

As it gives an unpleasant odor which is filled with extreme unpleasant odor. Besides this product can eliminate these cockroaches at home, this subsequently spews harmful chemicals which are dangerous to humans and animals.

There is another way to capture and exclude this type of insect out of your home but in the way of natural and chemical free.

Recipe and guide for the preparation:


1 Raw Egg (Yolk only)
Boric acid powder (borax)

You need to mix both ingredients which are the egg yolk and the borax until it forms a thick composition. You need to form a circular shape like a ball by utilizing the mixture which has a diameter of about 1cm or a marble ball sized and let it dry for one hour.

You should apply this mixture in a different part of your house. You should place these balls to obvious places wherein these cockroaches are always being spotted, such as shelves, racks, closets, kitchen cabinets and all that is in your eyes.

This will serve as a food bait for the insects due to the egg yolk which is very catchy for the cockroach. The borax has an active compound that can instantly weaken the cockroach and send them out to death.

Take note of this: These balls cannot get any harm to humans and pets.

Although at first the cockroaches will not pay attention to this trick, after 3 – 4 weeks every day you will notice an enormous amount of dead cockroaches.

After that bugs will disappear! In case cockroaches appear again after six months, the reason for that is that females (or only one) were able to lay eggs and hatched the new generation. All you need to do is to repeat the same method.