"Jin Shin Jyutsu" Japanese Method By Just Simply Rubbing A Specified Finger And Then See What Will Happen To Your Body

There is an old technique for treating primary ailments, and it is called Jin Shin Jyutsu which undergo to a various process for a relief in different illness. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese alternative practice for medical treatment; definitely, each finger on our hand has connected to some organ in our body.

Hence, there is a way in which you can stimulate a particular finger and then a certain finger will be linked to the body organ where it is related. Probably, this kind of method helps you get the answer in solving different kinds of health issues. The great thing about the area of this methodology is that it is very worthy of your time and doesn't consume much of your time. Moreover, it elevates your fingers to form a soothing feeling to the acting body organ it is being linked.

How To Perform This Finger Method JIN SHIN JYUTSU

By proceeding to execute this process, it is necessary for you to hold and rub your finger tight by using the other hand in a time duration of 4-5 minutes. Before doing some sort of this process, you should take a deep breath because it will somehow hurt your hand. The entire method will last for 4 minutes. In addition to this process, this is the following information and list regarding the connections between a human specific finger and body organ wherein you are required to rub for a successful relief to some symptoms of medical issues and personal emotion.

1. Thumb

The thumb is linked with Organs such as stomach and spleenwort.
Its physical symptoms are most likely skin problems, headaches, stomach aches, neurotic.
The emotions that it effectively comfort is anxiety and depression

2. Index Finger

The index finger is connected with the Organ inside urinary bladder and kidneys.
Physical symptoms it stimulates are digestion issues, muscle pain, toothache, back pain.
Sudden emotions it appears to ease are fear, discontent, confusion.

3.Middle Finger

The middle finger is related to organs such as liver and yolk bitter.
Physical symptoms it observes to help are headaches, menstrual pain, circulation issues.
Emotions it appears to reduce are irritably behavior and lack of determination

4. Ring Finger

The ring finger is connected to lungs and large intestine.
Usually, its physical symptoms that may help to soothe the illness are asthma, skin problems, abnormality of digestion. Thus, emotions it resolves are sadness and pessimism.

5. Pinkie Finger

The pinkie finger is related to Heart and small intestine
Its physical symptoms associated with healing effects of this methods are heart disease, bone problems, and sore throat.
Emotions it relieves are anxiety, nervousness, lack of self-confidence.

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