List of Pinpoints in the Body that should Press to Soothe Headache

Do you always suffer from a headache due to different activities and stress in your daily life? If your answer is Yes, then you should apply all of the details that you'll be reading below.

List of Pinpoints in the Body that should Press to Soothe Headache

If seizure of a headache will come to you, usually, you are getting yourself some pain killers or drugs medicine to remove the pain, but on the other side of the story, you are only putting yourself into more unsustainable results and will make things worse. So instead of using medicines that have temporary relief, you better take a natural method of relieving headaches.

These are the list of recommended pressure points in the body for the headache:

1. Third Eye Point or in between of your both eyebrows
I know you're not aware that one of the most effective points for the relief of a headache is located in your forehead. Based on facts detailed by the experts, cited that if you put pressure on this point where the bridge of the nose will hit the forehead, and it will give you sudden effective relief.

2. Welcome Fragrance Point or both sidelines of the nose
This is usually located on each side of nostrils while putting pressure on it then you will control sinuses and reduces pain due to tension headaches.

3. Foot Falling Tears
This point is located approximately two inches below the toes in the gap between the fourth and fifth toes, can help relieve migraines and other headaches.

4. Temporal Hairline Curve
This pressure point is located above the ear on the edge of the head or temple. Rub the pressure point thoroughly using your finger and breath deeply to gradually ease the pain of the pressure.

5. Wind Screen or under the earlobe
You should better find this pressure point beneath your earlobe, and you will experience the relaxation you'd never had.

6. Bigger Rushing
Located on the top of the foot between the webbing of the big and second toe, this pressure point is effective against headaches, as well as eye fatigue and hangovers.

7. Hoku Point or pressure point in between the two fingers
This is the point where the best of relieving headache will be found; it is located on the hand between thumb and index finger. This works on a various situation of irritating headaches and migraines as well as outer headaches and shoulder pains.