Method and Recipe for Removing Tons of Toxic Waste From the Colon

Always keep in your mind to take care of your colon, you need to allow some changes in your lifestyle if you're feeling something discomfort in your colon.

Method and Recipe for Removing Tons of Toxic Waste From the Colon

This part of the body is located inside our digestive system; it is always necessary to keep your digestive system clean and healthy for the preservation of straightened lifestyle and well-being. There are findings that when you achieve a healthy colon, you will be less visible from getting serious diseases.

Thus, it helps you in contributing to the properly function of every cell in the body which is the essential role of the colon to detoxify the body. Having a healthy colon guarantees a maximum release of all the toxins in the body.

It is straight and accurate explained that the blood goes to the colon, you'll be having all the waste to send to the various part of the body such as sinuses, liver, lungs, and lymph system. Then afterward, the colon will be having all the undigested particles, and it should eliminate it from the body.

When a colon is damaged and isn't functioning at its best anymore, it can't play its important role in the body then it will be resulting in multiple digestive conditions due to all the toxins passing through your system.

The possibilities of a total digestion of food in our body range from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Around this duration of time, the body will digest and consume all the nutrients acquired from the food, and it will be processed inside the colon and move it out of the body, transformed as a waste. This can result in painful and irregular bowel movements due to constipation caused by toxic accumulation.

General Issues and Symptoms Receive From Colon Problems

1. Stomach aches
2. constipation
3. diarrhea
4. indigestion
5. bloating and gas
6. Bladder problems
7. vaginal infection
8. weak immune system
9. skin rashes
10. Depression
11. poor memory
12. brain fog
13. mood swings
14. fatigue and anxiety
15. Sore muscles and joint pain

Cleansing of Colon- Maple Syrup Recipe

Credits for this natural remedy to Mr. Stanley Burroughs, he is an expert when it comes to alternative and natural medicine. He is good with detoxifying the colon in our body. Duration of cleansing the colon is about 10 to 16 days.


12 oz of filtered water
Fresh juice from organic lemon
2 tablespoons of grade b organic maple syrup
½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper


Put all the ingredients together and mix them well. Drink this four times a day for two weeks.