Natural Methods and Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar on Skin

It is a huge problem when several skin issues pass through your systems such as acne, eczema, and dark spots; this is serious and frustrating as it gives you the way of life you never wished to happened.

Natural Methods and Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar on Skin

These skin irritants can be treated by the help of dermatological experts, but you are not always the lucky type to have a one-shot disappearance of this condition. Many people with this condition are dealing with various chemically contained product like creams and ointments which are literally can irritate the skin. In some cases that you will come to a point in your life that you will question life, why is this happening to you and how will you find a solution for this condition.


We have here an ingredient which is commonly used for cooking, the apple cider vinegar. It has a content of fulfilling the shortage in production of essential components of the body. If we're going to think outside its known applications, there are too many reasons to acquire all the other benefits of this ingredient. The pH properties, natural alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid allow this vinegar to work as a soothing and repairing agent for the skin

Why should we use Apple Cider Vinegar on our skin?

This ingredient is proven and gains popularity due to its excellent ability to provide the skin for improvement and replenishment that range from a moderate dry skin to more severe issues such as psoriasis. It has natural acid that can minimize the pores, anti-bacterial and can tighten the skin that makes this ingredient as natural toner for the skin

Four ways on how to use and prepare Apple Cider Vinegar for treatment as Home Remedy

1. It is specially designed as a natural toner

The astringent properties in apple cider vinegar can help minimize pores and improve circulation of the skin, thus making it an excellent natural solution for skin toner.

Application: Mix one-half cup of water and one-half cup of apple cider vinegar with a few drops of lavender oil (get here). Apply directly to the skin with a cotton ball (get here), allowing the mixture to set on skin for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Repeat up to twice per day.

2. Acne

It also composes of a compound which is malic acid that serves as a facial cleanser. It works as an antifungal and antibacterial cleaning agent.

Application: Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar for application on the skin. Creating a mixture is not necessary. After finishing the process, it is necessary to wash it immediately.

3. It can heal the affected skin area of sunburn
Sunburns can burn and itch, making for an uncomfortable and slow healing process. Apple cider vinegar is a natural astringent, meaning that it can help speed up recovery while reducing itching and burning.

Application: Mix equal parts of cool water and apple cider vinegar (get here). Apply directly to the skin by gently rubbing on burned skin. Repeat several times per day as needed for soothing.

4. It can be used for dark and age spots

The apple cider vinegar consists of a compound called alpha-hydroxy acid that can help you to remove dead skin cells. When regularly used, it can reduce the sign of aging and spots on the skin.

Application: You should apply apple cider vinegar directly to the affected area or on the dark spots. Get some cotton ball or any soft cloth to touch the impacted area of skin. Let it for 30 minutes. Do this two times a day for a series of six weeks to experience the finest result.

As a conclusion, it is always important to consult first the medical professional to see some advanced categories and options to perform when you are going to give a try from this natural home remedy.