Onion Has A Miraculous Ability You Didn't Know It Can Literally Do! Must Read!

Onion is spice with efficacy to treat many health problems. This ingredient is the best cure for extreme vomiting and serves as an antibiotic that can boost your immune system.

Onion Has A Miraculous Ability You Didn't Know It Can Literally Do! Must Read!

Onion is from the allium family and is composed of sulfur that enhances antiseptic properties for the body. It brings you to the extremity of a high antioxidant to fight against free radicals. Onions are a natural cure for many health problems. It is the best remedy for severe vomiting and as a general antibiotic that can boost your immune system.

Natural Effects and Cures offered by Onion

Onions have been used as a standard treatment for thousands of years. Conditions through respiratory problems are very effective while using onion. This spice is good for controlling cholesterol level, heart disease, arthritis, great antioxidant and for a diabetic person because it has properties of flavonoid and sulfur.

Other ways on how to use an Onion as an alternative remedy to various disease and complications

1. Chest congestion

Cut onion into pieces along with the coconut oil. Put the onion paste on the chest and followed by covering the chest with a towel and then wear on your t-shirt.

2. Ear Infection

Cut a small portion from an onion and put it in a clean cloth and tie it up. Put the onion on the side of your ear and hold it using a knot to place it correctly. You can remove it anytime you want but make sure the pain is gone.

3. Disinfect and heal Cuts and wounds

Sending out some onion to the wounded area can stop constant bleeding to an instance of too much cut has been gained.

4. Relieve Coughs

Gently peel a medium size onion and cut it in half, then, cover the both halved onion with brown sugar and let it absorb for one hour. Consume this remedy twice a day to treat a cough.

5. It can cure high fever

Slice an onion into thin slices. Rub the bottom of the feet with coconut oil. Put a thin slice into the arch of each foot and wrap with cling wrap. Cover the onion/feet with a sock over night to allow the onion to draw out toxins and the illness from the body.

6. It can disinfect and remove the venom of insect sting

Crush some onion and put the inside cut off of an onion to the stung area to soothe the exquisite feeling

7. Air refreshener
Place slices of onion on plates throughout your house to purify the air of viruses and bacteria.

8. Increase the chances of hair growth

Rub red onion juice into your scalp. Leave for twenty to thirty minutes then rinse. Repeat every week until your hair gets the result.

9. Fade out scars
You can put an onion paste through scars few times every day. It can take a long period to process all along the result.

Through years have been passing by, there are many natural ingredients that can be utilize to cure and help us from different situations in our life. Onion is widely for its versatility in terms of cooking, but as years gone by, its versatile ability is increasing due to proofs that it can be trusted a treatment for various ailments.