Put a Clothespin on different areas of Your Ears For 30 Seconds. The Results Will totally Surprise You

Helen Chin Lui is known for her amazing works and contribution to reflexologists world stating that
"Our ears is composed of some completion from reflexes map of our body, it has lots of connectors and abundant equip with nerve endings through the central nervous system".

Put a Clothespin on different areas of Your Ears For 30 Seconds. The Results Will totally Surprise You

She speaks out regarding some remarkable manner in which you can boost your health, treat different issues in your body and somehow a relief from any suffering. The scheme of this idea involves putting some clip or cloth pins on various areas of the ears.

The are six different spots in our ear that we are able to put the cloth pins which is literally related or connected to our body organs. Whereupon, it enlivens and relaxes these spots resulting for you to resolve health issues.

The Top Of the Ear’s Curve

At this point of the ear is connected or related to the organs, for that matter, whenever internal imbalance or discomfort may occur, put some cloth pins in this part to treat the pain.

The Earlobe

This point is linked to the head and heart, so it can help you soothe headaches and migraine, and support heart health.

The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

It is somehow linked to our joints, you just have to press this part and you will evenly experience soothing sensation and stiffness in joints

The Lower-Middle Part of the Ear

When pinched, this spot will relieve the sinusitis or a sore throat, treat congestion, and help you fall asleep easily.

Just Above the Earlobe

It is linked to the digestive system, so its stimulation will soothe stomach pain and boost digestion, and prevent such issues.

The Upper Part Of The Ear

This part of the ear is probably insisted on relating to our part of the body which is back and shoulders as it allows to sooth the back shoulder pain by doing some massage and pressing it for 1 minute every day using the cloth pins.

You will lose nothing if you will follow these steps. Just try it out and maybe it will work for you. You don't have to worry, it's safe and natural. Good day!

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