Reasons why you should have to Put Essential Oils on the Bottom of Your Feet

Here are the reasons why we should rub oils onto the soles of our feet. When we apply oils on it, the oil gain permission to pass through and our skin will absorb it. This method is gaining popularity as it is combined with a therapy massage.

Reasons why you should have to Put Essential Oils on the Bottom of Your Feet

Every time we are using therapeutic essential oils, it gives you beneficial components that put you into the peculiar relaxation of the system.

When oil applied through the bottom of your feet, it is faster and active to be absorbed, though the pores are thick and hard on the sole plus the legs is like a long straw sipping the compounds to an instance where the bloodstream's fastest circulation is located. When the oil is applied, the healing components of the oil applied will be transmitted to various cells in our body within 15 minutes.

The palms of our hand and soles of our feet are determined as the are in our body without sebaceous glands. Since Sebum has an oily substance, it would actually widen the body from absorbing anything applied on it. Since Palm and soles do not secrete sebum; they are more excited to absorb the oil.

Just like in Reflexology, our nerve line in the body ends in the feet.  In most reflexology systems, the big toe represents the brain and head. The next two toes represent the eyes, and the next two toes represent the ears. The top third of the sole is our chest; the middle third is our stomach and digestive system. It can get very intricate but is so cool.According to research, each foot has seven thousand two hundred nerve endings. No wonder we apply oils to our feet- our feet represent our entire body!

We can lessen irritation and sensitivities of unwanted illness and conditions. Also, the safety is high when oils are administered on the bottom of the feet with a lower risk of skin irritation and sensitivities. The skin on the soles of the feet is less sensitive than the skin throughout the rest of the body, allowing us to use even the hotter oils such as oregano, thyme, citrus oils.

We can bypass the Liver from damaging it. When the oil is applied, it removes the accumulated toxins out of the body, Instead of being processed by the liver, the oils reach the lower bronchial capillaries via the circulatory system and the entire organism unprocessed.