Six Brilliant Tips On How To Select The Perfect Watermelon

Yes, it's spring time, most literally watermelons are showing around the fields. You'd be happy to believe that this fruits will come and some things would be better like having this fruits to the family outing, most especially when in summer vacation, best for hydration when you're heated up.

Six Brilliant Tips On How To Select The Perfect Watermelon

In case, you are going to pick watermelons which have the best quality, then you should read this article, why not choose the best and not wrong ones, it's up to you if you don't want to mess up your money from buying this fruit, but it is suggested to be practical than spending for the low-quality products. We have here tips on how to pick the best of your watermelons:

1. Check out the bottom of the watermelon

Watermelon loses its ability to ripe when it is cut off from its vine. It is because some of the farmers hurriedly get the watermelons from its vine to catch up with the deadline to be delivered in the market resulting in unripe fruit. If you look at the bottom of the watermelon, there should be a creamy patch. It is better to check if it is big and dark.

2. Check out the color

The watermelon should have contrasting dark with lighter stripes. Watermelons should be a darker green. Very light watermelons may not have ripened long enough on the vine.

3. Check if it is light or heavy, the HEAVY ones could be the best

A juicy, ripe watermelon will feel a little heavier than it looks. Watermelon is usually made up of almost 92% of water. A watermelon that feels light for its size is probably dry.  You should check out the rest of watermelons for some comparisons.

4. Check the shape and shine

The shine could indicate that the fruit isn't quite ripe. Watermelons should be egg-shaped and smooth. Even coloring and shape means the melon got enough sun and water to grow and ripen properly. Ripe watermelons shouldn't be shiny. If the watermelon has bumps, lumps, and indentations, bring it back in the stall and find new ones.

5. There should be no stem on it

If there is still stem on the watermelon, then you should leave it alone. It does only mean that it is not easily cut off from the vine easily resulted to being unripe.

6. You can knock it first before deciding to choose

Knocking on watermelons is a surprisingly divisive topic.  knocking is pointless. You can knock and listen for a hollow sound, but you're going to get better results by looking at the color, shape and yellow spot.

Hope this could evenly help you. Thank you for reading! Share it with your friends and family.