Start Doing This On Your Face And You Will Be Suprise By The Result! Amazing!

Most of the women in Asia, especially female inherent with  Japanese blood got the other race wonder on how they consistently sustain their youthful and adorable appearance pertaining on how they actually do it.

For example, in some Japanese movies or Television Commercial advertisement, the characters or the exhibition of women involve in a certain event on the TV not realizing what their age would be.

They are like goddess or fairy that never get old as they like possess or stumbled with the mystical wand of becoming youth. Most women are so envious about their physical appearance that they also want to achieve great results like these Asian women are being transmitted.

Most Asian prefers to eat rice as their everyday staple food. Rice is the food they are always longing to because it gives them comfort when they see it in their table, in circumstances wherein we are driving out of hunger, it gives us joy as it gives us the fulfillment and satisfaction in food.

But some people, they avoid consumption of rice since it is filled with lots of carbohydrates. Consumption of rice won't be enough to remove all of these anti-oxidants since they will be broken down fast by our stomach acids.

There is a miracle that has been discovered by mama bee as it comprises the composition of rice that is surely a miracle for those who are longing for a beautiful skin.

Here are the following ingredients you'll be needing:

3 tablespoon of Rice
1 tablespoon of Fresh milk
1 tablespoon of Honey


The first thing you should do is by placing the rice inside the pot and add the cup of water. Then, you have to boil this for 3 minutes and remove from the heat. Allow it to cool for a moment and proceed by straining it. After doing so, put it in a separate bowl and then mix the fresh milk and honey until you form a mixture paste.