Study Shows That Strict Mothers Have More Successful Children

Every parent has their own way and method on how they will raise their children. Whether they have some kind of loose way of thinking or they're a total strict when it comes to different aspects of life. While you were growing up, they always tend to give all the things that will make you better for your future.

Study Shows That  Strict Mothers Have More Successful Children

Did your parents give you house chores and strict house rules?, definitely, each one of us has their own roles when it comes to our home, parents designated roles to each of their siblings.

A lot of people in this world always have an everyday experience of a strict parent accorded by nagging and always at the top of you, isn't trying to give you a chance to state your point because they are always right. But despite of all of these, Experts and Psychologists shows a study wherein, strict mothers have 90% chances of having a successful children in the future, but too much tight to your kids can also make them frustrated and depressed and will cause them to become a failure. Though you experienced such life like a military school wherein you are trained to develop your discipline, you will still end up thanking your mother in the future in spite of their strictness and low understanding.

There is a study which showed the important effects of being strict to their children; those successful people are highly determined to have a strict mother. The research analyzed surveys of more than 16 000 children aged 12-14 between 2004 and 2010. The expectations of some strict parents are very high that they don't even want their children to take college courses which are not a high-quality course.

Children who have mother that are pressuring their kids are much likely to become more confident and secure because they have been trained well by their mother to become a people who are not giving up too soon. The results of the study showed that daughters who had persistent and nagging mothers have 5% lower chances of getting pregnant prematurely. Children who had persistent mothers were also more likely to finish college and get a nice job.

For the children, as they're growing, they treat their strict mother as one of their boss or a master that should always worship and obey, but after all, this will totally help you in life, and the worst fact is that your mother cannot build a strong relationship with you. She may be giving you a stressed and frightened feeling, but the sure thing is, your mother always love you and always will do. She just wants all the best for you. As a conclusion, the parent always has their ways on raising you until you become an adult, it always depends on them, so love your parents even though you don't like the way they treat you.