The Whole World Is So Happy and Gain Some Hope Because of This News: Diabetes Vaccine Officially Released !

In the other countries like the United States of America, over 1.30 million patients have type A diabetes. There is a vaccine that is being used for over a century ago for treatment of tuberculosis and has to give promising healing ability and can reverse the disease. This vaccine is also commonly used for treating bladder cancer and is proven to be effective and safe.

The Whole World Is So Happy and Gain Some Hope Because of This News: Diabetes Vaccine Officially Released !

A revelation announced at the celebration of 75th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association stated that FDA is going for a test in the vaccine to a maximum of 150 people who have a condition of Type A stage of diabetes.

A body of a single person who has a Type A diabetes is not producing enough insulin for the body because the cells are destroyed gradually from the immune system in which creates the insulin. There is a cell called T, and this cell is the responsible in creating problems in the pancreas, wherein the insulin is produced. This vaccine is functioning by the process of elimination of the T cells.

All of the infected people with the diabetes is injected with the vaccine and result to increase the levels of a substance which is commonly called as tumor necrosis. When the Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) is increasing in the system, it will be capable of destroying the T cells that prevents the production of insulin

In some prior processed experiment, diabetes patients were injected twice within four weeks of dealing with the healing process, the vaccine used is the tuberculosis vaccine. Some people are starting to produce insulin itself.

Dr. Denise Faustman, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Immunobiology Laboratory in Boston, is so joyful and full of excitement about the results the BCG vaccine has been giving.

There is a new Five years trial and will definitely start this summer, and the people who are listed has ages that range from 19-60 years old. The experiment will be conducted using the same process. Patients will then have one injection a year for the next four years.

Even the Scientists and Experts are not 100% sure with this process will be successful, but there are a huge possibilities and chances for some reason. Time will tell if this vaccine will become a viable treatment option for type A diabetes or not.