When Somebody Will Try To Kiss Your Baby's Lips, Stop Them Immediately. Here is why:

Successful fresh parents are the ones who will always take the opportunity to keep and take good care of their baby's health more than anything else.

When Somebody Will Try To Kiss Your Baby's Lips, Stop Them Immediately. Here is why:

When a friend went to your house for a visit, and then, he or she has a cold and coughs, you should keep your baby away from that person or else it will pass the virus to your baby. You should explain briefly to your visitor that the baby can't come near because you always want the best for your child.

Next situation is when you meet some people in the park with some healthy kids and new born baby's, and suddenly you will notice some of the kids has a cough and green viscous particles in the nose. You should provide alcohol and other disinfectant product whenever you are going home and touch your baby.

You should not send the kids to the school infected with common colds because it may affect the other children at school. Do not let other people kiss your kids or else it will spread the germs that will result to widen contagious viruses. You should also protect yourself from the virus, while taking care of the sick children, by wearing a mask and taking up vitamins to improve your immune system.

Moms get paranoid when it come to their baby's health. Whenever your baby is sent to the hospital, there is no need to worry when the doctor is rushing and wrapping the baby with cotton. It is because germs and flu are all over the area or place, so they are trying to remove the germs from your baby's skin.

There is a horror story entitled, UK Mom Claire Henderson which the storyline is about a newborn girl named Brooke and got kissed directly to the mouth and does result to confinement to a hospital for five days acquiring with herpes on the cheeks, chin, and lips. But the baby was very lucky because kissing the baby in the lips can cause cold sores as it seems to be very deadly for newborn babies. There are some real stories that a baby died after kissing right through the lips because a baby is seriously has a weak immune system. So the lesson here is, whenever someone has cold sores, you should keep them in their mind regarding their distance from the baby.

Every baby has their weakness and strength depends on how much immunity they have, they always do have their right to develop and right to grow healthy. So whenever someone comes to your house, better to tell them immediately how you feel instead of taking a risk to your baby's health. No politeness if the kids’ health is at risk. No more judging over protective parents, there is a reason for fearing for the kid’s health. Give your baby a chance to be healthy and no guilt feeling for that. No more newborn kisses on the lips. No more sickish kids around the baby. And if your kids are sick, do not visit.