5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While Taking A Seat

If you are one of the office people, who spend most of the time sitting on your chairs, writing, facing the computer or any habit that involves sitting.

We are very excited to show you this chair exercise as it will give you an enormous physical movement that will make you healthy even sitting on your chair.

As stated in statistical basis, most of the people who works in an office has a free time of approximately 4 hours after the end of their office works, and they usually spend it on relaxing, eating on a couch, and other activities that doesn't involve much physical movement.

This is due to tiredness and fatigue they got from work, so there is no more time for them to do much as well as activities that consume energy. 

And you know what, here's more, as per due to statistical basis, it says that, a particular mother has only 1 hour out of their entire time is free as they are so busy preparing for kids and taking care of them.

Which does only means that they don't have the time to give themselves a free time to spend it on physical activities or sports activity.

If you admit that you are one of those and you do have also urges and frustration on how you would deal with this kind of lifestyle.

Then this article is perfectly written for you, as this will be your guide to at least give yourself a shot to get rid of rusted bones due to physical inactivity even you are sitting at home.

Denise Austin is a popular fitness instructor who gives you these simple exercises suitable for people who doesn't have time for a workout.

1. Waistline exercise

Pulling your knee in and taking it down chair exercise. Pulling it through the abdominal and sucking in the guts pulling in the navel to the spine and using your abdominal to pull it up. This is a great ab exercise.

2. Pulling your knees vertically up and down (more advanced)

Your both legs are stick together while in sitting position pull your knees up and down with the motion movement and pull it with the force of your abdomen muscle.

3. Side waistline exercise

The obliques pull into the side and pull in cinch in the waistline. Just continue it, and you will probably see good and advanced results.