9 Foods That Can Worsen High Blood Pressure When Consumed Excessively!

It is very difficult to control hypertension which is bound to happen between the ages ranges from 30 and up. There are several cases that you can get it hereditarily or from exhibiting bad health habits. Controlling high blood pressure with a result of reading such 140 out of 90 mm Hg has been discovered that it is a result wherein chances of acquiring cardiovascular disease would be fewer chances.

9 Foods That Can Worsten Hypertension When Consumed Excessively!

Regular taking up of medicine and giving yourself a most likely an awakening exercises will make you a helping hand in keeping your blood pressure comply with the stats it would specify to require.

So, here it is; the nine foods that contribute to your hypertension:

1. Soft drinks or Colas

This beverage contains a lot of sugar and acid that contributes and play the main role in developing your hypertension and gives problems with cardiovascular disease.

People who tend to consume this drink every day will give them a greater chance of acquiring problems with hypertension and heart diseases.

2. Processed foods or more specifically meats

The sodium contained in processed meats are more desperate in boosting the development of high blood pressure. Processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, canned meat foods, sausage, hams and much more contain preservatives and seasoning with salt.

3. Frozen Pizza

Who would have thought that your favorite pizza being freeze inside the fridge overnight would be most likely to have a contribution in giving you increase your blood pressure?

However, all of the pizza contains a great amount of sodium, due to that, many manufacturers tend to add more preservatives of salt and food additives to maintain the texture and taste of a pizza. 

4. Chinese foods

There are specific main dishes in Chinese foods that contain sauces that often includes soy sauce, bean paste, and teriyaki sauce that are all preserved with sodium.

You can order the sauce separately from the food so you will have the option to lessen consumption of sodium undertaking on it.

5. Frozen Bread and Canned Biscuits

This type of foods is packed with what we called trans fats that are commonly known as heart-unhealthy fats due to its high content of bad cholesterol level.

It is also possible to lower and lessen all the right cholesterol attached inside your body, and it is connected in increasing the chance of having hypertension and heart diseases.

6. Pickles

Though pickles in similar to cucumber are very nutritious and healthy vegetables, however, it contains a lot of sodium which is about 306mg while having an ounce of green olives would be likely an amount of 441 mg.

7. Processed Tomato Products

Products contained with tomato are given to have additives in generating more sodium and salts making it more appetizing, sweet, and fresh when arriving in the consumers. 

8. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol can give you a double risk of creating your hypertension intensified as it has a double edge sharpened sword to stab you on your back. So be careful while having a consumption of alcohol, just drink moderately.

9. Coffee

Consumption of coffee while under suffering from hypertension is not recommended and should not imply in your daily lifestyle.

Now is the perfect moment to stop consumption of this beverage as it can lead to intense hypertension and temporary increase in blood pressure.