A Quick Look on Your Toilet To Know If There is Something Wrong with Your Health.

It is a natural response by our natural body, whenever we are feeling by what they call "the call of nature."

A Quick Look on Your Toilet To Know If There is Something Wrong with Your Health.

We cannot stop it nor avoid it because it is a phenomenon we are involved for us to clean our cleansing organs like kidney. Urinary bladder, stomach, intestines, and other organs supporting our need to get rid of the waste that can accumulate in our body.

However, there is a serious approach for you to be better by having a few check up on what it does result and showed up whenever you are loading your toilet with your waste.

Checking your waste can give us a clear and detailed information regarding what condition it carry whether it is healthy or not. Being aware in regards to this topic can save your life.

1. You should know your waste description according to what type of waste had been appearing.

When you poop, the little brown waste particles dropping in your toilet is what has left food digested by our body, and it does also contain the food where all the nutrients have been absorbed.

Pooping or releasing waste from your body is a crucial form of human process. It is your body's natural way of expelling the waste that is not needed from the body. However, the smell of your waste can give you a clue to what is happening on your health.

2. Texture of the  Poop

-Separate hard chunks, look like nuts 

You should drink a lot of waters and follow it by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

-Sausage-shaped, smooth, and soft

If you have this kind of poop, this is the sign of overall healthy digestion and fine shape of your health.

-Watery, no solid pieces showing up, very liquid

This may be a case of diarrhea caused by some sort of infection. Whenever this occurs, the first action would always be seeking for some Doctor's expert advice and the second option if you don't have the capacity to go to the Doctor. You should drink more liquids to replace the liquids lost, or if you do not do this, you may find yourself dehydrated.

-Sausage-shaped but lumpy

In this case of poop, this is not quite serious, but you should always load up your body with fluids and fiber.

-Soft and smooth drops with clear-cut edges

Just like the same as the other one above before this current texture type, this also normal ones so there is no need for you to concern about.

3. Shade of your Poop

-Brown color

If your poop is a brown color, then you are fine. Your poop is brown because of its production of bile in your liver.

-Green color

This may be due to the eating of lots of green leafy vegetables and green food coloring. The food might be going through your intestines organ very quick

-Yellow color

This type of poop gives you an indication that you have received excess fats. It is due to malabsorption disorder like celiac disease.

-Black color

This could be a sign that you are holding your poop for days and more. This could be a sign of internal bleeding.