Amazing: Six Foods That Kill 100 Percent Of Breast Cancer Cells

Studies have revealed that in 99% of received tissue units from the age of 40 has several mastectomies there were located one or more parabens.

Amazing: Six Foods That Kill 100 Percent Of Breast Cancer Cells

It is of particular significance to recognize the carcinogenic toxins contained in the outputs you use to bypass them.

It is surprising that a probe in 2012 found paraben esters in even 99 percent of 169 tissue samples that were collected from 40 different mastectomies. The parabens can be found in cosmetics, sunscreen, and deodorants.

As the statistical data cited in 2016, in the United States of America, there will be almost 2.350 cases of cancer diagnosed in man and even 231.840 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women.

This is a tremendous number, so many individuals certainly will be drawn to read what they can do to protect them from breast cancer.

Studies have shown that in 99 percent of collected tissue samples from 40 different mastectomies, they found one or more parabens.

Over the years, there is many research are being developed that are trying to distinguish actual ways in a battle against cancer, without any side effects of chemotherapy.

The LSU team revealed great cocktail made of 6 compounds that can be found in fruits, vegetables, plant roots, and spices that killed 100% of the samples of breast cancer cells.

LSU health sciences station in New Orleans made a study and developed fantastic cocktail.

The mix of resveratrol from grapes, Indo-3- carbon from cruciferous plants, quercetin from tea, curcumin, C - phycocyanin from spirulina, and isoflavone from soybeans suppressed the growth of breast cancer cells by more than 80%.

This blend inhibited attack and departure, and also caused cell cycle arrest, and in that way, 100% of breast cancer cells were killed.

Guidelines for Healthy Eating

There are no food or dietary supplements that will serve as “magic bullets” to stop breast cancer from reoccurring. National Cancer Institute guidelines for cancer prevention can be used to decrease the chance of a breast cancer recurrence. These guidelines include:

1. Increase intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
2. Reduce fat intake to less than 30 percent of calories
3. Minimize intake of cured, pickled and smoked foods
4. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
5. Alcohol consumption should be done in moderation, if at all

These are the six foods with nutritional benefits to prevent breast cancer.

1. Grains

Wheat, rye, oats, rice, corn, bulgur, barley

2. Green leafy vegetables

Lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, endives, beet greens, romaine

3. Cruciferous vegetables

Broccoli, cabbage, turnip, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, bok choy, watercress, collards, kale, mustard greens, rutabaga

4. Umbelliferous vegetables

Celery, parsley, fennel, carrots, parsnip

5. Allium vegetables

Garlic, onion, shallots, chives, leek

6. Legumes

Soybeans, peas, chickpeas, lima beans, peanut, carob, dried beans (kidney, mung, pinto, black-eyed peas), lentils