Bad Nail Conditions That Has Something To Tell About Your Health And How To Treat One Of Those!

If there is a saying that our eyes are the open windows through our souls, there is also a similar health quote that our nails are the screen doors to our bodies' current condition.

Bad Nail Conditions That Has Something To Tell About Your Health And How To Treat One Of Those!

There is much more indication than what you have expected of having such brittle, ridged, yellowish, and dead nails are telling you that you have deficiencies and health issues in agreement with anemia and thyroid diseases.

Our toenails and fingernails are composed of keratin protein which helps protect the most sensitive skin at the endpoint of our fingernails.

Nails are provided with matrices which offer a collection of nerves, blood vessels, and lymph vessels happen to protect by cuticles. Our nails have its different shape and appearance based on our genetics and care while it is growing. However, if you have healthy nails, it should be similar to one of these examples:

Smooth nails, thick and not easily breakable, and most of all it is translucent pink. While unhealthy nails are most probably similar to dead nail or damaged, discolored and odd-looking appearance of the nails.

Furthermore, there is an efficient way of fixing nail problems by having a healthy diet, taking enough vitamins and minerals, and various kinds of maintenance for the body.

Here is our method on how to prevent nail woes:

1. Solution for brittle or Split Nails

It is caused by lack of moisture or doesn't have enough of vitamin B or biotin.

How to solve this problem?

Always keep your nails hydrated on the outside with an application of natural oil every day. An example of hydrating compounds that can be applied is almond, Wear gloves while washing dishes to keep the nails from drying.

2. Solution for soft or upward-curving nails

It occurs when you are under iron deficiency which usually happens to those who doesn't have a proper diet.

How to solve this problem?

Pay a visit to a doctor and take for some consultation, and if the result confirms that you lack out of iron. Then, you might be prescribed by the doctor to take iron sulfate for maintenance and cure.

3. The solution for vertical ridges?

This is because the sign of aging is appearing.

How to lessen this problem?

To treat nails with vertical ridges, polish the nails with a few drops of almond oil and a chamois buffer. It is due to buffing can remove a thin layer of nail, do this for three or four swipes a week.
When should be alarm and worry when the condition is getting worst?

Extreme pain while having a nail blights accompanied by diseases and symptoms such as shortness of breathing and fatigue could be indicated by these following discoloration of nails:

1. Curved upward nails- thyroid disease
2.Brittle nails is linked to hypothyroidism
3. Yellow nails are most likely you have chronic bronchitis.
4. Blue nails is connected to your blood circulation
5. Red nail is accompanied by heart disease
6. White nails means you have a liver disease.