Boost and Speed up your Internet Connection 3x Faster with these Few Simple Tricks

Nowadays, technology is gradually developing as it becomes largely a necessity to most of the people who have engaged online business industry, media online socialization and research purposes. Whether you are at home or work fast internet connection is always what we need to satisfy our needs and what we pay for.

Boost and Speed up your Internet Connection 3x Faster with these Few Simple Tricks

Often, when we are applying to avail the internet, it is fast and reliable at first, but somehow when the traffic of the user become unison, it gives us frustration because it becomes very slow and doesn't fit the quality it says in their advertisement.

Most especially to people whose job is requiring an internet connection, it is a must to have a reliable internet speed that can support your workplace and station.

Somehow, we all knew that certain troubleshooting which is "RESET' can significantly refresh the data and protocols to recover the speed of your internet.

However, after doing this process make sure that you remember the details regarding filling up in the login for such cases the system will require you to enter all the information after having a reset. Despite having an option of troubleshooting of that kind, sometimes it doesn't work.

In this topic, we are going to show you ultimate troubleshooting on how to boost your internet speed connection three times stronger signal and faster.

At first, you should know that you should avoid placing the router next to metal objects, refrigerators or microwaves.

You should know that these objects could slow down and weaken the signal. Next thing to do is, place the router close to your laptop, mobile phones or desktop.

Place your modem on higher altitude outside your home or you should make a DIY antenna or tower for signal reception becomes more strong to receive the signal.

The minimum height is 2-3 meters high. Always make sure to clean the modem and doesn't have too much dust inside.

Dust is proven by many technical specialists that it is one of the causes of unreliable and slow internet speed. You should clean it at least two times a week.

You should also know that you shouldn't place your modem or router where there are too many people.

Experts also revealed that wi-fi networks are much slower in places with plenty of water and we all know that human body is 60% water, it does really interfere the signal reception.