Cheap Method to Eliminate Head Lice That Most Doctor Won't Tell You

Every people who were under an outbreak of attack from lice knows how annoying at disgusting it is. Somehow it is very hard to get rid of and sometimes it becomes contagious when enough proper care doesn't dwell on your health habits.

Cheap Method to Eliminate Head Lice That Most Doctor Won't Tell You

Lice are insects that are tiny creatures lying on your head, mostly wingless in the hidden areas of the hair and keep on sucking blood from the scalp that causes discomfort and itchiness.

Kids have more chances of getting lice, most especially occur and spread while in school for every boys and girl, but girls are more visible from these parasites due to their rich and lush hair that these lice can hide very well and as well as they can stay there because of suiting temperature for them.

Though it is not that harmful like you think it could be, one bite can cause too much itchiness and feels like the scalp is inflamed.

But some cases of lice can lead to infection. There are many products that can solve this problem like lice shampoos and other similar products that can be bought in the market, most would be probably expensive, and some are unsafe.

However, we have here a natural method that can help you to eliminate lice from your kid's head and scalp:

What are the things needed for this procedure?

Mouthwash (of your choice)
Comb designed for removal of lice
Plastic bags or Shower cup

Instruction and Preparation:

1. Bath your kid's hair with mouthwash until it becomes wet.

2. Then, you have to wrap the head with a plastic bag or cover it with a bathing cap. Let your head absorb the ingredients enough for half an hour.

3. After 30 minutes, remove the plastic bag/bathing cap.

4. Rinse your kid's hair with vinegar and cover it again with a hat/bag. This would require an additional hour.

5. Remove again the plastic wrap and wash the hair with regular shampoo.

6. With the use of comb for lice, the lice will just go with the flow of the comb when you execute to remove them.

Because of the components of the Mouthwash which has a strong smell, the lice can't take it and release themselves away from your children's hair.

Several types of mouthwash are in a spray bottle and apply it on your child's hair before going to school.