Cold Water VS Warm Water: Which One Is Damaging Your Health

While millions of different people all around the globe starting their day with a warm cup of coffee, some individuals commence their day with a glass of water.

Both ideas are beneficial and preferable cold water helps the body dismiss toxins and stimulates many processes, whereas coffee helps us wake up and provides us energy in the morning.

Still, to benefit from both beverages, we suggest drinking a cup of warm water within.

This practice can give various health advantages and is the greatest method to begin your day.

Here are the main health benefits of drinking a glass of warm water in the morning:

1. It helps you gain the best shape you are aiming for and gives you quick weight loss

Consumption of water can promote weight loss, but drinking warm water will boost the process further. According to a research which comprised a group of overweight females, warm water can have positive effects on the weight in 8 weeks, and can also reduce the BMI or Body Mass Index and appetite.

2. It helps you to improve your bowel movements

According to one study, drinking warm water in the morning can improve your digestion and boost bowel movements. 58% of the patients in the study who suffered from irregular bowel movements before experienced significant improvements after only a day. This habit will also improve the absorption of nutrients in your body.

3. It helps you to relieve any pain inhabiting your body

Drinking warm water can soothe a sore throat and reduce the swelling and pain as well. This can help you eat if you’re having trouble swallowing immediately after a sip. Besides this, warm water can relieve numerous digestive problems by relaxing the muscles of the stomach.

4. It helps you to let the blood flowing freely, or we can say it helps you to restore your healthy circulation

Drinking warm water in the morning can boost the blood flow. According to studies, the warm water increases the blood flow in tissues, which reduces when it’s no longer exposed to heat. This will warm up your body from within and jumpstart numerous body functions.

Why is drinking cold water bad?

A glass of chilling or frigid water in such summer vacation appears to be great and can relax your mind, but cold water is not precisely good for your health.

When drinking it, the body spends too much energy to warm up the water to an average temperature, which may make you tired.

On the other hand, cold water constricts the blood vessels and solidifies the fats from the food you eat, making your digestive system work harder to digest the food.

This is why it’s better to drink warm water, it’s far healthier and has positive effects on our health.