Do You Have Bloated Stomach? Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore!

Bloating came from not serious breakdowns in your stomach, for instance, lactose intolerance or when one’s had too much food intake.

Do You Have Bloated Stomach? Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore!

Nevertheless, this is not mostly the scenario, which means that bloated stomach can be triggered by something more deadly, even cancer.

How can you separate from not hazardous to dangerous bloating? Here we will discuss more diagnose which are accompanying with risky and hazardous bloating.

Weight Reduction

When you start to suspicious to yourself, and you become more fit with no changes into your lifestyle, everyday eating routine, and daily physical activity, this a doubtful sign, especially when your body start to lose 10 percent of your body weight.

This can be a sign of potential illness specifically to your digestive system; it presses your stomach that’s why you feel so full despite the small amount you’ve eaten. You could also have a tumor which disburses fluids which choke your appetite.


If you felt bloated and accompanied with a fever this is an indication that there is an infection present to your body. You must check your blood count if the number of white platelets got greater than the red platelets in the usual, pelvic and urinary should be omitted.


It is a condition of the body where there is a sudden increase in your weight and waistline. This situation can get if there is an irregular amount of fluid which discharged in your abdomen. You can feel so full, and some may say you are pregnant.

This is a symptom that you have a problem in your liver. Bloating accompanied with jaundice turns your skin in yellowish tone as well as to your eyes and this is a sign of malignancy or cancer spread to your liver, but there are some cases that it is just a hepatitis

Vaginal draining or blood in your stool

If ladies are experiencing bleeding in the middle of their monthly period or after their menopausal stages, they need to give an extra and careful consideration since it can be connected with bloating

Ovarian illnesses are the fifth most likely tumors in women. The warnings are tenacious bloating, feeling full fast and pelvic pains. Women in 50 are who didn’t experience to give birth or to have them in late time, family history of this kind of disease and obesity are prone to this disease.


Swelling illnesses happens when the ovarian or the fallopian tube get infected caused from sexually transmitted infections that can occur during abortion, labor or insertion of intrauterine gadget and miscarriage.