Garlic Mixed with Milk-Can Possibly Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough And Many Other Diseases!

Since the age of our ancestors, there are so many different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and cooking spices are being used to occupy the body with numerous health benefits without the need of any complicated treatment.

For example is a drink filled with medication contents. Such that is good for the overall health of the body in the preparation of garlic milk, made with the ultimate goodness of this garlic usually made in warm nourishing milk.

These are the ingredients being used:

Garlic cloves (peeled and minced)
500 ml of milk
250 ml of water
2-3 teaspoon of sugar

Methods and preparation:

The first thing you'll be doing is by mixing the milk with water in a saucepan. Then you should add the garlic cloves and boil this mixture in an open saucepan with moderate heat.

Stir it continuously; the proceed in straining the milk and adding the sugar. Just serve it in hot temperature.

These are the complete example benefits of Garlic Milk:

1. Asthma

Combat asthma by consuming only three cloves of garlic every night to achieve best results.

2. Pneumonia

You should consume garlic cloves three times a day and expect its effectiveness for your pneumonia.

3. Cardiac problems

Mix skimmed or low-fat milk with the garlic cloves to relieve cardiac disorders. It can prevent the formation of clots and enhance circulatory health.

4. Can cure Jaundice

Garlic cloves can effectively eliminate unwanted toxins out of the body by activating the liver enzymes. Garlic enhances bile production in accordance with the reduction of fats in the liver.

5. Arthritis

Daily consumption of Garlic can give you a total reduction of pain and symptoms caused by arthritis.

6. Insomnia

Garlic milk should be taken before going to sleep. It eases insomnia, reducing snoring habits due to a soothing sensation caused by the power of garlic.

7. Cough

This Garlic milk is an excellent remedy for coughs as it is very persistent in treating a various health condition. It has an anti-bacterial property that makes it the excellent remedy for coughs and expectorant to provide relief from health issues

8. Tuberculosis of the lungs

Garlic is highly equipped with too much effectiveness in treating certain diseases of the chest. One gram of garlic and 240 ml of milk and 1liter of water, blend it all together and boil then consume it. You will wonderfully prevent such problems in the lungs.