Okra is widely known vegetable all over tropical countries and mostly called as "lady's finger." The plant of this vegetable is cultivated and can grow in tropical, subtropical and in warm temperature regions all around our mass community.


As you may or may not know, this okra is an edible pea pod and also can be eaten without any conducting of cooking.

You can lightly blanch, steam or give it a quick stir-fry to reduce it green taste and vomiting feeling when you eat this kind of vegetable.

You can consume it when it becomes tender and soft and will produce more fiber when it becomes old.

When you consume okra pods, its inner part is composed of soft seeds which are also edible and arranged in 5 to 10 vertical columns giving the angle appearance on the outer part.

Okra is one of the best therapeutic vegetables despite the fact that it is not everyone’s majority choice of vegetable. You might like to try it if you knew about its immense health benefits.

So, here are different health benefits we can get in okra:

1. Anemia

Supports red blood cells bearing and stop anemia.

2. Anti-Cancer

The leading antioxidants in okra help guard the immune system toward damaging free radicals and prevent mutation of cells.

3. Asthma

The unusual antioxidants and vitamin C content make okra beneficial for lessening asthmatic seizure.

4. Bone Strength

Folate in okra builds healthy bones and weight, inhibiting osteoporosis.

5. Cholesterol

The soluble fiber aids to weaker serum cholesterol, consequently also reducing atherosclerosis and the risk of heart diseases.

6. Constipation

Regularly eating okra also reduces the risk of colon cancer. The rich fiber and mucilaginous (slimy) content in okra pods help increase bulk, bind to toxins and ensure easy bowel movements with its natural laxative properties.

7. Diabetes

Eat about 6-8 young, raw okra every day and see your blood sugar level drop significantly. It has insulin-like properties that help to reduce blood sugar level.