Health Benefits of Shiny Bush or (Pansit-Pansitan) You Probably Didn't Know!

There is what we called a "Pansit-Pansitan" also known as Peperomia Pellucida Linn Scientifically is such a bush common fleshy light rooted herb that can be utilized as a food item and also as a medicinal herb.

Health Benefits of Shiny Bush or (Pansit-Pansitan) You Probably Didn't Know!

However, it is about a 40cm fleshy herb usually grows in yards, nooks, and other damp areas. This plant is composed of fleshy stems, heart-shaped leaves which usually produces small flowers on a spike.

The tiny-oblong-shape fruits can become black when it becomes ripe, and evenly it can also be a green color whenever it is unripe, but it actual varies in its type.

The entire plant is very suitable for people consumption as it was cooked in raw form. This "Pansit-Pansitan" has taken place in the folkloric alternative medicine which can provide a lot of health benefits which usually includes gout, arthritis and some other inflammatory health conditions.

The Shiny Bush has become a widely utilized folkloric herbal medicine. Also, it is known for the following health benefits:

1. Eye inflammation
2. Sore throat
3. Diarrhea
4. Prostate Issues
5. High Blood Pressure
6. Arthritis, Uric Acid, and Gout
7. Cancer
8. Pimples, Skin Boils, Wounds, Burns and Skin Inflammation
9. A headache, Fever, and Abdominal Pains
10. Renal Problems

Most Widely Known Uses Internationally

Its leaves and leaves are widely consumed and known as a vegetable. Moreover, in salads, the fresh plants has the same as the crispness of carrot sticks and celery as it can be.

Preparation of "Pansit-Pansitan" Tea

First, Clean the freshly collected shiny bush plant parts And cut into pieces and add about 4 cups of water for every 1 cup of its fruit. The second thing to do is, by leaving it boiling for a couple of minutes without the pot cover.

The third thing to do is, by letting it sleep and then strain it thoroughly. Next is, consume it half cup of this bush for at least three times on a daily basis. And lastly, this mixture can be kept in the appropriate glass container for later consumption.

Important Warning:

Do not take Pansit-Pansitan Herbal medicine dosage when you are pregnant and if you're having a breastfeed your child, this is a very urgent warning as it can give your child multiple disorders.