How To Reduce High Blood Pressure In Only 5 Minutes Without Medication.

High blood pressure became a terrifying disease a middle age and old class of age are having trouble all around the world nowadays.

How To Reduce High Blood Pressure In Only 5 Minutes Without Medication.

It is due to one of these cases such as difficulty in sleeping, improve anxiety, obesity, taking up too much sodium, smoking and liquor intake.

Health habits and behavior have an assumption in regards to a critical part of treatment for high blood pressure. It always depends on your way living to achieve an effective way to prevent high blood pressure; it is possible to avoid them and decrease your medications intake.

High blood pressure is a very common in other countries who has a lot of food stalls and inexpensive stores for a food.

Hence, you are not the only who have been recognized to acquire this kind of condition, if you think about whether you're under dangerous hypertension, then you must read these details below:

You are in tilted dimension of life when you are in the risk of:

1. Abnormal sleeping habits
2. Dangerous anxiety levels
3. Too much consumption of greasy and acidic foods
4. Being obese
5. Addicted from smoking
6. Uncontrollable consumption of alcoholic beverages

Furthermore, is there any chance that your family blood has a history of high blood pressure, this is in your genes, and the only you can do about it is proper care and maintenance.

You have to monitor by performing some test on your blood pressure to guarantee that you are on the level of being healthy.

But fortunately, there is an old Chinese method and solution that have been revealed by Moscow football club "Spartak" known as Lu Hun Sen for the solution to high blood pressure.

This is like pressing some artery in your veins wherein it is linked to the different organs and brain to sooth the suffering and pain, here is how we do it:

From POINT 1 to POINT 2

This is not focused on one spot process, but in lines. It goes behind the ear ligament to the focal point of the neck area bone.

This line should not be pressed, nor massaged, but instead gradually a pretty much movement of the hand is a good way of pressing it. Barely touching the tips of the fingers. Go over ten times on one side, then change to another.

Then proceed to our POINT 3

First, you will start through line from your face alignment with the ear cartilage about half an inch far from your ear and ends towards your nose.

Massage both sides with your fingertips for 1 minute. You have not pressed it hard because it might result in pain and injuries. Our purpose is to make the pressure a little high and at the same time is safe and no pain.

These points are developed by ancient Chinese medicines to regulate the circulatory strain.

This will purify and enhance your blood stream, and then the body will continuously give you an enormous prevention from high blood pressure.