Other Wonderous Uses of Vicks Vaporub You'd Never Thought Would Be Possible

Most of us know that Vicks Vaporub is appointed to give us soothing sensation in regards to blockage and difficulty in breathing caused by colds, its composition of mentholated topical ointment is the working substance to suppress all of the symptoms of flu or fever soon to be engaged.

Other Wonderous Uses of Vicks Vaporub You'd Never Thought Would Be Possible

However, it has many other uses for you to benefit from.

So, below, you will witness all of its other uses to face other life consequences:

1. It Is aggressive mosquito repellent

It is better to apply Vicks onto revealing areas of the body to shoo and driven out mosquitoes whenever it is planning to suck your blood.

2. Cure for sinus migraines

Smear some Vicks under the holes of your nose and breath deeply like inhale-exhale exercises. The soothing sensation of menthol will give you comfort.

3. It can brighten and regenerate skin breakouts.

You can apply Vicks vapor rub onto skin conditions such as acnes and pimples once or twice a day. It can dry out the breakouts and quickly heal them

Apply it onto acnes or pimples, several times per day. Vicks will dry the breakouts and soothe the inflamed area.

4. Keep you away from insect bites

If you're tired of flying insects in your garden or outdoor terrace during the summer season, put some amount of Vicks Vaporub that can spread its refreshing smell of menthol into a small container. Then, put it on a porch or table so that insects won't be able to come near you while you are chilling outside.

5. Definite healing of wounds

Put a little amount of salt in a Vicks Vaporub and then apply it on a wound to quickly heal it.

6. Alleviate Body Pain

Put some Vicks onto affected areas of body pain and cover it with a warm and dry towel. You should repeat this process thrice a day until you get rid of the pain.

7. It can give a total moisture

Vick Vaporub can keep your skin away from drying out and inflammation.

8. Treat fungus in fingernails and toenails

Apply Vicks onto the affected areas twice a day and put on socks. Make sure to trim the nails until the fungus have been eliminated.

9. Alleviates cough symptoms

Apply Vicks Vaporub on your chest and back to eliminate discomfort caused by coughs.

10. Removal of Stretch Marks

Use Vicks onto affected areas for two weeks to get rid of stretch marks.

11. Treatment for eczema

Apply Vicks onto affected areas to reduce irritation, inflammation, and redness of the sensitive skin.