Say Goodbye to Your Kidney Stones Only With The Help Of Half-Cup of this Drink

Whenever you have kidney stones, it is one of the aggravating factors that made your condition worse when linked with the other common health issues. 

Say Goodbye to Your Kidney Stones Only With The Help Of Half-Cup of this Drink

As you know, this is very painful as it cause you very tiny stones that excruciate the kidney.

People who are involved with this kind condition can treat it by consuming lemons and lemon juice as a natural healing method for a kidney stone.

Compounds with high in natural citrate are the most standard method to treat kidney stones such as potassium citrate; research discovered that lemons have its potent property to get rid of kidney stones.

Medical Doctors and Experts have found out that a juice of a lemon can give you multiple healing benefits to prevent and conduct a therapy for the people who are mostly prone to frequent kidney stones. We can call this as "The Lemonade Therapy."

How Does Lemonade's Citric Acid can cure our Kidney Stones?

1. The component of citric acid forbids the formation of kidney stones and tear them apart from a developing stone into destructing stone. 

When Citric Acid is flowing with your urine, the more you are sustaining balanced and protected against new formation of kidney stones.

2. Citric Acid leaves your waste or urine less color and more unfavorable to form kidney stones. It prevents you from acquiring stone by coating them and preventing other material from attaching and building onto the stones.

3. However, fruits such as lemon and lime have the most of the Citric Acid. Doses of citric acid, prescribe by pharmacists as potassium citrate are mostly effective for the treatment of stones.

4. Also, the procedure and treatments are very expensive in regards to consumption of 12 tablets a day.


How to boost our Kidney's Health With the Help of Lemon Juice?

1. What we need is a One-half cup or 4 ounces of pure lemon juice per day or 32 ounces of lemonade.

2. Make an amount or dosage of citric acid as what doctor prescribed you.

3. Mix two ounces of squeezed lemon with six ounces of water and consume it every day.