The Secret To Relieving Back Pain Is In Your Feet! Just Do These 5 Exercises For 15 Minutes

Our feet is one of the most fundamental parts of our body as it gives us the support we need for us to be able to move or displace ourselves.

The Secret To Relieving Back Pain Is In Your Feet! Just Do These 5 Exercises For 15 Minutes

Thus, this part of the body operate and work excessively during all physical activities as it imparts in a detailed way claiming without your feet you are incomplete.

The traditional Chinese medicine has been enjoying the benefits of acupressure for over 5,000 years. For you to avoid saddle hip back and knee pains and injuries, you need to strengthen and take care of your feet as it came to fill your needs and to enable you to uproot hidden targets of crippleness.

If you are under the provision of applying pressure to a certain part of the body, it followed by alleviation from different complications and health problems such as stress, headaches, sickness and others, adding that it stimulates the function of various organs.

This method is applied utilizing the fingertips unlike the technique of acupuncture wherein it functions in the use of needles. These are the following methods and exercise for you to enhance your feet to a whole new level, improve balancing, and release the suffering from sore feet.

1. Walking while on a tiptoe

You need to withstand the exercise of stand on your tiptoes and move forward for 20 seconds. Make a 15 second- break, and repeat five times, twice daily. This training will improve and strengthen the toe muscles, the muscles around the balls of your feet, and ligaments.

2. Resisted Flexion

It helps you to maintain body balance and support foot muscles. To execute this exercise, sit on the floor, make straight feet. Wrap an exercise band around the bedpost, and place it on the top of the feet. Then followed by leaning backward to tighten the band. Lastly, move your foot backward and stay for five seconds. Ten repetitions to obtain amazing results.

3. Toe Pencil Pickups

Put a single pencil on floor and make five repetitions of picking it up using your toes, lifting it up using one foot, side by side, up and down. Ten seconds is the interval time of each alternate shifting of a foot for execution.

4. Method of pressing your toes

This exercise is a great technique to get ready the legs for upcoming physical activities you are undertaking, for you to avoid injuries. To execute this method, make a standing position, bend the knees a bit, and grip the floor with your toes. Hold for 3 seconds, and repeat in 10 sets three times a day.

5. Exercise of Encircling your Ankles

In a lying position, raise the leg overhead, and rotate the ankle clockwise, while counting to 10. Then, repeat with the other leg.
The mobility and flexibility of the ankles are crucial for the entire body, and the tightness of the ankles often causes muscle and joint pain, as well as knee, back, and hip pain.