This Is What You Need To Check Whenever You Buy Bottled Water!

It is such a challenging process whenever you are into something which involves picking and choosing the best and finer quality of bottled water. Actually, not all brands have the same health content and components, due to that, some bottled water products contains toxic plastics.

This Is What You Need To Check Whenever You Buy Bottled Water!

In order for you to become aware of those things that would possibly affect your health by these toxic bottled waters, it is always a practical way to check the bottom of the bottle before checking it out.

Because now, bottled water producers are getting intact into attaching label contents onto made products. 

Usually, you can observe labels such as PP, HDPE, and HDP on bottled water. However, we should know what these letters signify. 

These abbreviation letters mean that the plastic bottles don't contain some contamination and leaching caused by toxins brought in the water.

If these letters do not appear or there are any additional input letters on your bottled water, there are possibilities that it contains harmful chemicals.

So now, we are here to give you some few tips and usable tricks on how you would identify and distinguish the good stuff from the bad. You should always remember and check the bottom of your bottle.

1. Non-labelled plastic/PC

This type of plastic should avoid all the time. It releases BPA, but still, they are using this plastic in various food containers and energy drink bottles.

2. PS

The worst thing is that these type of plastic leaches some bad compounds of carcinogens in the water. Usually, these type of plastic is being added to fast food casing and coffee cups.


These following letters hold toxins that cause a hormonal imbalance in our body which give some common disorder in our overall health.


However, this type of plastic usually doesn't contribute in leaching toxins and chemicals in the water. But this is still not recommended in the production of plastic bottles.

5. PP

These are white plastics you usually see in the production of yogurt cups and syrup packages. This contains a small amount of leaching, so it is not that harmful like the other types.


This is the safest and harmless type of plastic so whenever you see this type of plastic, there is no risk for you to have thoughts and doubts.


This plastic bottles are widely known as leaching aggressive agent and have heavy metals that disrupt hormonal balance of human

This plastic leaches chemicals and heavy metals that disrupt the hormonal balance.