This Simple Trick Can Actually Give An Instant Elimination Throughout Your Blackheads

It happens that you have used too many skin care products for a long time that at least any one of it doesn't give any real or satisfying effect on you.

This Simple Trick Can Actually Give An Instant Elimination Throughout Your Blackheads

I know it's difficult to remove these excruciating clogged pores and blackheads, Most of the time, some of these products give only a temporary solution as much as it pits your pocket.

How Eliminate Blackheads?


Two slices of Lemon
One tablespoon of Salt
Boiled water


In this method, you will witness the positivity power of what we are making right now,  unlike the other products that we can purchase in the store, it is still the best option to try some natural remedy for treating this kind of condition.

First, get a little bowl that can hold our ingredients, put one tablespoon of sea salt, mix it together with a one-half teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon hot water.

Apply the finished mixture around the face, then advance by having an application more in the areas of pimples and blackhead.

Whenever you are implementing the mixture onto face, make a circular motion while applying warm and at the same time a wet towel.

Let your face absorb the mixture for approximately 5 minutes, then proceed with the application of ice cube on your face to let it chill out.

It is necessary to repeat this procedure a lot of times in a single week to recognize the best results out of it. It evenly gives a smooth skin and gets the immediate result all throughout.

Is this procedure legitimate and proven?

Lemon juice is rich in vitamins C and equipped with a citrus extract that helps you fight against bacterias and infections.

Application of warm water also does many benefits as it helps open the pores letting the mixture enter the inner part of your face to heal and cleanse it.
Salt is an antibacterial agent that helps our pores cool down unclog.