What Will Happen If You Spray Your Bed With Alcohol? And what are the Other Surprising Uses Of Alcohol in Our Lives?

When we say disinfectant, the first word that will come to our minds would be Alcohol. It is used for different uses in our home and other places as usual for removing adhesive substances such as germs and bacterias that are possible to infect our skin and health.

What Will Happen If You Spray Your Bed With Alcohol? And what are the Other Surprising Uses Of Alcohol in Our Lives?

However, it is urgent for you to know that it can also be used for other purposes as well as getting the most of the benefits out of it. These are the 11 other uses of alcohol for us to benefit from:

1. What will happen if you spray your bed with alcohol? The answer would be: It can Remove Bed Bugs

It is very hard to remove bed bugs as these tiny creatures are very sneaky that usually gathered in bed after the owner had a long vacation or no one is using the bed so that is why these tiny bugs spread around.

It is possible to eliminate them by rubbing and throwing alcohols in your bed until the foam will absorb it. Also, do this method on your pillows and mattress.

2. Alternative Deodorant

Alcohol can also be used as a deodorizing agent as it can kill the bacterias that cause bad odor in your body. No need to worry if you forget to buy or bring your deodorant with your certain activity as long as you have your alcohol in your pocket of a bag.

Just rub some alcohol on your underarms to eliminate the bacterias forming in it. But should be aware that this is just for temporary uses only, you can't use this regularly as alcohol can bring irritation when you used it often, it is because the skin in our armpits is quite sensitive.

3. Alcohol Can Destroy Lice

It is possible to use alcohol for eliminating severe cases of lice by only pouring some alcohol on it or by using spray bottle and add some content of lavender oil for a total elimination of lice.

4. Used for removing nail polish

Alcohol can also act as a nail polish remover which continually contains the healthier way on removing unwanted elements in your nail. It is also the best replacement for acetone.

 5. As usual, It can clean your skin

Various products of alcohol that contains strong content of disinfectant possess strong anti-inflammatory and soothing effects for the infected skin. It can prevent acne appearance and disinfect existing pimples.

6. Alcohol can be use as cooling pad

Alcohol doesn't freeze because it has contents that don't possess freezing vulnerability. So, you can put this in the freezer and keep it in a sealable plastic bag in the fridge. Remove the air from the bag as possible as it can. 

7. It gives you an Ear Cleanser

Some use cotton to clean their ears. However, you can clean it thoroughly by applying the cotton buds first with an alcohol before removing some unwanted dirt in your ears.

8. Remove Ingrown Hairs

Applying alcohol on your bikini areas and armpits before shaving unwanted hair will prevent irritation and will leave your skin smooth.

9. Alcohol equals to Goodbye Cold Sores

Around eighty-five percent of the world population are carrying cold sores any moment of time, just apply seventy percent of isopropyl alcohol on the affected areas and your herpes will gradually disappear.

10. Can be used for removing bacterias on your Eyeglasses and clearing its vision

Use alcohol to wipe your personal glasses to make it cleaner and fine. Just spray it and wipe with a soft cloth.