Women Must Read! Do's and Don'ts When You Have Your Monthly Period.

What the things you shouldn't do when you have your menstruation?

Usually, women took quite long to notice that they have problems regarding their monthly period. However, there are many wrong ways you should not do during your period.
Women Must Read! Do's and Don'ts When You Have Your Monthly Period.

Every half way of the month, some of the women are naturally given a light and easy menstrual cycle while other women experience an adverse effect. Whenever you are having discomfort and pain, there are so many irreversible methods to give comfort and soothe from pain.

Here are do's and don'ts you should apply in your daily activities during the time of having a menstrual period:

1. Avoid making love or sexual intercourse during your period.

Infection Risk From Sex During Your Period. It's crucial to practice safe sex while you're having your period because you could still get or transmit a Sexually Transmitted disease, like HIV, during this time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus may be present in the menstrual blood. To avoid infections, it is best not to have intercourse during a period.

2. You should never skip your meals and schedule your eating habits on-time.

Strive not to hop from your meals when on a period. You should be aware that you are losing a lot of blood during this time and food will only make you feel vigorous. Skipping meals on a regular basis shifts your system into starvation mode. This is an act by the body to deposit more energy. However, not eating your breakfast or dinner, lowers your overall metabolism and slows down the weight loss process.

3. Stay Away From Physical Work

Women who tend to take a bit in bodybuilding and extreme fitness exercise could suffer from a temporary and brief halt of menstruation. When body fat levels dip below 20%, women might suffer from irregular menstruation cycles.

4. Don't stay in one place; you should at least move a little

Women who lead sedentary lifestyles, tend to experience long and painful menstruation cycles; Not to forget, irregular too.

5. Don't eat fast food and processed

Always in a hurry and you don't even have the time to buy raw foods and cook it for hours or minutes? Eating fast food at 2 A.M. may seem like a good idea, but your stomach will be signing a different tune after you have eaten that Whopper and greasy fries. Treat yourself by all means.  Just do not eat too much and do not consume unhealthy meals that you normally wouldn’t.

6. Limit your task in the office

Some workers’ unions say that certain kinds of work can be hard for women during their periods. I also think it would be very difficult for employers to manage in practice -  such as how to determine who suffered from pain.

Other tips:

You should provide a warm water during a period, drinking cold water may result in accumulation of menstrual blood that remains in the uterine wall. It could lead to Cyst and Cancer after 5-10 years.

Also, you should avoid consumption of sodas and cucumbers Try not to eat cucumbers (the substance consisted of cucumber can be the cause for some liquid to stay in the uterus walls).