3,000 Year Old Indian Technique For Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis And Inflammation.

This inflammation in our body is being adapted when the amount of the white blood cells in our body becomes active in flaring up for the protection of the entire body from infection.

3,000 Year Old Indian Technique For Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis And Inflammation.

However, whenever an autoimmune system disease have been perceived like arthritis, our immune system barely flaring up causing inflammation in the body.

Inflammation occurs when you inhibit your body to get rid of stress, sedentary habits, and untreated allergies delivered by slimy foods. It is accompanied with stiffness, joint pain, flu symptoms such as fatigue, fever, chills, headache, and muscle stiffness.

Several drug prescriptions and medications are being developed in order to help you to prevent the build up of arthritis and inflammation, most especially to people who are in severe cases.

There is somehow an alternative method being used in India for many years now. So, we have here the eight Ayurvedic remedies you may try at home:

1. Inhabit yourself with respect to yoga, swim or bike

It is recommended for anyone with such chronic inflammatory issues to provide moderate exercises and outdoor physical activities. Set a goal to exercise five times a week every morning or evening when the temperature is warm.

2. Turmeric

An Ayurvedic herb which is very traditional in India known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is described as a powerful and one of the most effective treatments for rheumatoid arthritis rather than those medicinal drugs. You can mix it with eggs and curries or with your warm glass of milk.

3. Coriander, fennel, and cilantro

These herbs are helpful in reduction of inflammation. The following herbs you include in your diet as a naturally sweet, bitter, and astringent food. It is a good anti-inflammatory when you blend it with turmeric and tossed with cashews and pomegranates.

4. Yogurt

It is essential to provide protection for your gut to keep it healthy. If your gut gets imbalanced, it will add and trigger inflammation in the body. Yogurt has good probiotics keeping the gut healthier.

5. Sleep

When you are not having enough sleep especially at night, the body doesn't have enough ability to restore and repair the sole damages it acquired throughout the rest of the day. This will result in the breakdown of immune system contributing in overdrive during waking hours, and this factor will lead to inflammation. It is always recommended for someone to take a full minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep to reduce inflammation.

6. Self-massage

It is recommended for you to massage yourself 10-20 minutes daily. Rubbing your sore joints and painful muscles with sunflower oil or coconut oil before taking a shower will show some positive and good improvements.

7. Keep a stress diary

Ayurvedic medicine is being utilized in a way where there is a need for an individual to specify the source of the problem for faster treatment. If you can assess what are factors that cause stress, then you can make a solution to decrease the triggering objects and helps in reduction of inflammation.

8. Ginger

This spice has great wonders in breaking those unknown conditions in the body due to its potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger can help you in relieving pain, joint mobility, reduction of swelling and morning stiffness. You should put the habit of drinking fresh ginger tea daily in the morning.