8 Plants That Will Protect You From Mosquitoes for Good

Who doesn't want and love sitting outside, chilling out and enjoying the hot summer vacation until it turns into cold summer nights?

8 Plants That Will Protect You From Mosquitoes for Good

However, mosquitoes and other insects won't leave you because it's nature and the temperature keeping them alive and more active. So I always wore myself a cover from head to toe. This makes me so uncomfortable leaving us no option but to suffer.

Favorably, there is a natural solution to eliminate these annoying insects. Plant a few of these plants or flowers in my yard and watch these mosquitoes gradually disappear. Additionally, these plants look stylish and beautiful. It is also good for landscaping and a mosquito repellent. You should check these eight plants that will help keep your garden or backyard a free mosquito area.

1. Lavender- this plant blooms pretty purple flower giving you an adorable splash to your backyard. Its fragrant smell is very nice for your surrounding thus deters mosquitoes, fleas, and flies.

2. Garlic- plantation of garlic is one way for optimal protection from mosquito insects. You can also grow garlic in herb pots and placing it around your favorable outdoor area.

3. Lemon Balm- it is a green plant that has a smell of a bit of lemon and a mint. This green foliage not only keep way mosquitoes, but it attracts good insects like bees and butterflies. It notably regards drought resistant or easier maintenance, but it can fill up a large space because it can be invasive, so always check this plant to keep it maintained.

4. Peppermint- Peppermint smells very well and minty. This scent isn't familiar among crawly-family insects and ants. However, mosquitoes steer it clear.Peppermint smells, well, minty. This scent is unpopular among the creepy-crawly families, and ants and mosquitos steer clear.

5. Marigolds- there is research regarding Marigold plants that the oils in this flower can offer several hours of protection from mosquitos. Other bugs that stay away from this plant include squash bugs, Mexican bean beetles, and tomato hornworms.

6. Rosemary-  the scent of rosemary also keeps flies and moths away. Use the herb as a decoration or border then trim off a bit for a specific seasoning of the certain dish. Rosemary is recommended by the New York Botanical Garden as it can block the passage of mosquitoes through your home.

7. Basil- this is a herb mostly used in culinary, but this plant has strong smelling herbs which give a dual function as a mosquito repellent. For more effective plantation of this herb, it is required to provide a good supply of water daily, good drainage, and visible area of sunlight.

8. Geranium- this desirable flower contains good contributor in giving you a lively and colorful garden thus enormously stylish when it is included in landscaping. It smells like a lemon which probably more similar to citronella. This flower is more functional in warm weather temperature.

I hope this article would help you in planning to add some ideas to your backyard or garden. Make sure to add one of these plants to keep your outdoor stay more comfortable and insect bite free.