9 Most Effective Ways To Kill Weeds Naturally In Different Areas Of Your Yard

Gardening habits spent hours for someone to do the job. The tasks include trimming, planting, cutting to make the yard or surrounding garden looks more desirable and relaxing for the eyes. Cutting up weeds is enough to make someone go crazy.

9 Most Effective Ways To Kill Weeds Naturally In Different Areas Of Your Yard

Does gardening take a long time for you to get rid of those pesky yard design killers? Then you should check out these effective methods to eliminate them out permanently. Tips which will be helpful and ensuring in clearing out unwanted objects out of your garden.

1. Baking soda- this product is a safe option towards eliminating grass and weeds around the crack surface in your sidewalks and patio areas without inducing toxins to come near the environment. Sprinkle a few handful of baking soda on the areas of sidewalk and sweep it into the cracks surface.

2. Use a Salt- Boil a two parts amount of water with a one part amount of salt. There is also a possible option of sprinkling salt directly onto weeds in your sidewalk and spray a bit of water on top.

3. Apply alcoholic drink- the content of alcoholic drinks can be dehydrating. The effect of dehydration turns down the growth of weeds. The combination of one ounce of vodka with two cups of water and any type of fragrant soap. Put all at once in a spray bottle and apply the mixture straight onto leaves.

4. Add some random mixture and a bit of flavor- eliminate those weeds in a submissive way by mixing one cup of salt and one gallon of vinegar, a dish soap, and citrus oil. Spray the solution on the weeds.

5. Put an alternative plantation to avoid the growth of the weeds- cornmeal will make it much harder for a weed to grow when it is spread a bit of it onto desired areas. The corn meal doesn't guarantee that it can kill almost everything of weeds, but it is a proven preventive measure.

6. Suffocate the source of the weeds- for many of us, it is very odd to see such weeds in our garden because it ruins the beautiful view of the place. To naturally remove weed efficiently, layer the wanted area with at least four sheets of newspaper. The layer of the paper block the sunlight to feed up onto pesky weeds.

7. Grow your lawn- keeping your lawn fertilized is one of the best ideas to keep the weeds out of sight. Thick grasses took huge space around the grounds and prevented weeds from sprouting. You should know how much amount of fertilizer you should use before utilizing this method because it can kill your grass if excessive fertilizer has been used.

8. Hand weed- it is not that fun and satisfying, but it's effective and pleasing to the eye when you see some improvements and cleared area. Picking up the weeds manually with the use of your bare hands can effectively kill the weeds digging the roots while pulling it up. After doing uprooting, make sure to reseed the ground with grasses as soon as you uproot the weed to block out the existing weeds that soon will grow.

9. Boiling water- this procedure is safe, simple, and does really work. Just pour a pan of boiling water over a weed and witness the gradual death of these pesky natural elements over time.