A Patient With Ovarian Cyst Claims to be Cyst-free After Drinking Guyabano Tea! Here is How to Prepare The Drink.

There is a circular flowing story rounding around different blogging sites regarding Guyabano Tea since the year of 2014. Claiming that it can help in fighting against diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and inflammatory diseases, the said article on Socializing medias had millions of shares and people reaches all around the globe.

According to them, the tea showed marvelous results. Three netizens attested to the health benefits of Guyabano tea that are served to them.

Although the product has not approved therapeutic claims, many netizens took the risk and tried the product.

The people behind this testing process shared their stories with the purpose to convince other people with magical wonders Guyabano tea.

How to prepare Guyabano Tea?

First, prepare 40 pieces of ripe Guyabano leaves and one liter of clean water. Recognize to take note that the leaves should not be shabby old.

Moreover, for better results, use air dried leaves rather than fresh ones. Sun dried should not be an option, because they may already be too stale.

Direction to use:

1. Provide a sauce pan and then boil the water in it.

2. After the water reaches its boiling temperature, add the Guyabano leaves. When adding leaves, decrease the heat from the stove.

3. Let it simmer for 25 minutes until the color turns golden brown appearing like the usual tea.

4. Let it cool until the Guyabano tea is ready to go for drinking.

It may be cooled or refrigerated with your preferred temperature. The tea can only last for about 8-10 hours.

Also, it should be taken not more than one month. Consume the Guyabano tea before every meal for better absorption of the stomach three times a day.

After 30 days, it is advised to get some the following check-up by Doctor.

If symptoms persist, reduce the dosage to one glass of Guyabano tea a day for five days every week and 25 minutes before meals as the maintenance dose.