Do You Have Weak Nails? Frequent Leg Cramps? Here's What You Need To Know.

Since our childhood, we were instructed to drink milk to build and grow strong bones. However, for those adults, most especially for women, medical experts stressed out the significant benefits of gaining enough calcium. But if you would think it in a detailed way, how much is enough?

Do You Have Weak Nails? Frequent Leg Cramps? Here's What You Need To Know.

National Institute of health recommends 1,000 milligrams of calcium for both men and women age ranges from 19- 50.

All of the women over the age of 51 should consume 1,200 milligrams of calcium daily intake and men over 71 years old should do the same thing as women do.

Calcium deficiencies can be a serious condition and dangerous to our body. Experts give a warning to people who have diets which are very low in calcium can make the body to clear a hormone known as PTH.

This hormone cuts down bone tissue to balance the depleted calcium levels in the blood. You may be high-risk for osteoporosis if you are under the situation of calcium deficiency.

As you can see below, we list the symptoms and appearing signs. If you believe you may be calcium deficient patient, approach your doctor regarding your diet to know the best option of taking a proper supplement.

1. Experiencing Leg Cramps

When a calcium is gradually reduced from the body, it can cause nerve endings to spasm and joints. That is why it does result in night cramps in the hamstrings, calves, and quads. This is the common sign of calcium deficiency.

2. Numbness

Numbness in the hands and feet or another effect of spastic nerve endings is tingling.

3. Tooth cavities

If you've abruptly got a few more cavities than usual, your body may be warning you that you're low in calcium. When your body wasn't supposed to get enough calcium through your food, it starts to grab some calcium from another part of your body such as teeth which are very rich in calcium and destroy the health of your teeth causing cavities in there.

4. Peeling nails

Just like bones and teeth, the nails deposit calcium. If yours are peeling, you may not be eating enough calcium. Increase your dairy product intake,  Switch to fortified foods and eat more green vegetables. You should notice a difference in nail strength.

5. Difficulty sleeping

Calcium helps produce the sleep hormone melatonin and calcium levels rise when the body enters deep sleep. If you are unable to reach a state of deep sleep, you may be suffering from a calcium deficiency.

6. Humped posture

When the bones are weakened due to calcium deficiency, the body responds by slanting. You may also notice pain in the neck and back.

7. Memory loss

Neurological symptoms like memory loss and hallucinations may be explained as signs of calcium deficiency.

8. Seizures

Calcium is essential for decent neurotransmitter capacity and muscle tensing. Hence, a calcium deficiency can cause seizures and breakdown for healthy people.

If you think calcium deficiency affects you, it's not enough to drink an extra glass of milk. It is important to visit your doctor and discuss your symptoms with a health professional.