How to Grow An Endless Supply of A Great Spice Turmeric

You can grow turmeric anywhere in your home, but it requires a perfect soil, environment, and care and most typically a pot that will hold the plant of the spice.

How to Grow An Endless Supply of A Great Spice Turmeric

It does only need a partial sunlight, low-maintenance that enables you to grow it effortlessly without any application of inorganic fertilizer. It is also used in different forms of medicinal purposes.

Introduction to the Turmeric Root Plant

Unlike most herbs you are growing in your home or garden soil, you are only bound to benefit the leaves and not the other parts of the herb, you grow turmeric for its roots.

Turmeric usually grows upon the duration of about 7 to 8 months from planting the seed until harvest period. Whenever a turmeric plant became full grown, it has large green leaves and may grow up to three or more feet tall.

Just like ginger, turmeric is a tropical plant and thrives in warm, humid conditions, with well-drained, neutral soil.

Preparation of the Process of Planting Turmeric

How To Choose Your Turmeric Rhizomes?

A great way to take your fresh turmeric rhizome is from your local organic health food store or farmer’s market.

If you can't find it anywhere in your local community, you can find it in a respected grocery store. Always choose fleshy and fresh rhizomes more likely bumpy along the sides of rhizomes edges.

Best Type of Soil For Growing Turmeric

Grow your turmeric in a loamy soil that is very rich in organic substances thus utilizing a pot which is good in draining the water to avoid it from drowning.

Use an all-purpose liquid fertilizer on the pot you are using for the process of fertilization of the soil.

How to Grow Turmeric Rhizomes in a Pot

Split the finger rhizomes off its mother, each one of the pieces is composed of at least two to three buds. Put all the rich soil into the pot.

Occupy the half surface of the soil or two inches below the soil with the rhizomes. The buds should be bury facing upward.

The pot should be put in a place where everything is fine and warm and should acquire a slight absorption of sunlight.

Keep the moisture of the soil most especially when the humidity inside your house doesn't comply with the required temperature a soil must occupy. Use a spray bottle to keep it moisturized and healthy.

How and when to harvest your turmeric?

Turmeric is very slow to grow. It may take one month before you notice any growing signs that you have successfully develop a turmeric. Patience is a must!

The harvest period would actually take 7 to 8 months before bearing your patience in waiting. Whenever you notice that the plant is starting to bloom in yellow color and the leaves began drying out, you can claim this as a finished product of turmeric.