How To Naturally Help Your Kidneys in Regeneration and Repair with the use of BAKING SODA!

The use of Baking Soda had its broad contribution to all people all around the globe who is aware of its specific ability to regain a particular health issue.

How To Naturally Help Your Kidneys in Regeneration and Repair with the use of BAKING SODA!

For example is kidney damage, when the production of the damage is decreased, acid begins to pile up, and the body strives to offset it.

When it reaches this kind of situation, the deterioration of the cell will start soon, and the body will require the elimination process of the acid as it increases in the body resulting in the struggle in neutralizing it.

How to Prepare and Use Baking Soda to Repair your Kidney Damage?

All you have to do is to dissolve a half teaspoon of Baking Soda below your tongue and on the latter day, mix a half teaspoon of baking soda with a one-half tsp. of salt into 1.5 liters of water. Take this extract for about 2-3 days.

A particular individual who had been suffering for so long from kidney diseases often experiences the decrease of their bicarbonate levels, and this medical condition is known to be called as metabolic acidosis.

According to a professor of renal medicine known as Magdi Yaqoob, "This is the first randomized controlled study of its kind, and it is truly incredible. A simple remedy such as sodium bicarbonate when used properly can result in an enormously effective ingredient.

This is what Professor Magdi Yaqoob also added according to her research:

"This study shows that baking soda can be useful and helpful for those people who have kidney failure. Which in fact, as long as the dose is regulated and under supervision."

Here are some medical uses of Baking Soda:

1. The usage of Sodium Bicarbonate while treating kidney diseases reduces the progression of the disease.

2. It is used to raise the pH levels.

3. If it is mixed with water to form a paste, it can treat allergic reactions due to poison ivy or sumac.

4. Baking soda effectively removes splinters.

5. Baking Soda with water can create a very effective antacid