If You Have High Blood Pressure These Are The 5 Herbs You Need To Know About

High blood pressure is a condition wherein a certain individual suffers from extreme blood circulation due to abnormal blood flow in the body which results in a different random excruciating feeling of dizziness and weakness of the entire body.

If You Have High Blood Pressure These Are The 5 Herbs You Need To Know About

It accounts for more than 70 million people who are in the row of adult beings were found out that they have acquired this kind of condition, generally speaking, it is in the US.

However, one the one-half out of the seventy million patients are sustainable enough to control this condition. This disease is continually destroying thousand of lives when lack of care, demand for maintenance, and manifestation of a healthy lifestyle is not included in your daily routines.

Our blood pressure is determined in accordance with the amount of force the heart pumps blood all throughout the body, which will be measured by the size and flexibility of arteries, force, and the volume of pumped blood.

High blood pressure is the common term for the elevated blood pressure in the arteries. This is caused by 2 major factors:

-The heart pumps blood with excess force.
-Blood flow exerts more pressure against the walls of the vessels, due to the narrowed arterioles.

Be familiar with these 5 herbs you can use to lower high blood pressure:

1. Hibiscus

This is a herb which showed its amazing effects in treatment for high blood pressure. A study conducted which comprises experimentation which involved 30 to 60 years old men and divided them into two groups.

Due to consumption of 250 ml hibiscus tea after a heavy breakfast of the first group while the other group has only drunk water. The first group experience more improvements in their body compared to the second group volunteers.

2. Hawthorn

This common thorny shrub can grow up to 5 feet tall and grows in small, red, white, and pink clusters. After the flowers, its small berries called haws sprout. Studies have shown that the use of hawthorn extract for 16 weeks significantly lowers blood pressure.

3. Lime Blossom

It is high in flavonoids, volatile oil, and mucilage component, which soothe and reduce inflammation, tannins that provide astringent properties. The tea has strong diuretic, antispasmodic, and sedative properties.

4. Mistletoe

It neutralizes blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes and effectively treats cardiovascular disease. Moreover, this herb can also relieve arthritic and rheumatic pain. Yet, note that you should use its leaves, as the berries are poisonous.

5. Yarrow

It belongs to the Astor family, and it has been commonly used as a natural medicine in Europe. You can use its stem, leaves, and flowers.  It is rich in flavonoids, which are plant-based chemicals that increase stomach acid and saliva to help digestion.

Overall Tea Recipe

The following tea contains these beneficial herbs and offers amazing effects in the case of high blood pressure:


1 Mistletoe
2 Hibiscus
2 Hawthorn
2 Yarrow
2 Lime Blossom

Brew the tea and drink it three times a day. Over time, this tea will regulate your blood pressure, and bring it to a normal level.